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Healthy Pregnancy: Effects of Breastfeeding and Drinking Alcohol

Healthy Pregnancy: Effects of Breastfeeding and Drinking Alcohol

Pregnancy is a rewarding yet costly happening in someone’s life. Usually, the husband and wife prepare for this kind of scenario because of a lot of preparation and bills coming along the way. For some, they tend to loan in a bank and some lending application just to have enough money to accommodate all the expenses. We wanted our baby to have the best experience and to have the best things in life, and so, we list the baby things that are being needed even before the baby arrives. 

We may have asked when to start buying baby stuff? Is there everything we need to know about the safety of baby products or actually lookout for some baby garage sales? Others too are deciding on what kind of cute toddler beds are they going to buy for their babies. On the other hand, pregnancy is costly too because of photoshoots during maternity and even if the baby came out already. Sure it may be that too much but everything will be worth the price more than ever. 

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Onto these days, the most expensive thing to buy when pregnancy is baby milk. That’s why most of the mothers are considering breastfeeding their babies. There are a lot of benefits to breastfeeding that can give not only to the baby but also to the mothers itself. However, some mothers are used to drink alcohol right before they became pregnant, and so this kind of habit have not left their system even right after their pregnancy. What could be the possible effects of breastfeeding and drinking alcohol? Is there something wrong with binge drinking and breastfeeding? Are there any advice on breastfeeding and alcohol and how long to wait?

To discuss this topic, we’re here to help and discuss to discuss the signs of alcohol in a breastfed baby, are there side effects of alcohol in breastmilk? And is 2 glasses of wine and breastfeeding okay for the health?. We will give you an initial idea first about breastfeeding and its benefits to you and your baby while drinking alcohol. 

Healthy pregnancy: effects of breastfeeding and drinking alcohol

Concerning this topic, the mayo clinic talks about breastfeeding and alcohol which says that drinking alcohol and breastfeeding do not go and mix well. There’s no such matter as “safe thing” when you drink alcohol and breastfeed your baby at the same time. You might not want to risk things and discover what happens if a baby drinks alcohol through the breastfeeding process. 

Drinking alcohol would worsen things for you and your baby. What you drink usually passes out your breast milk at a concentration process and so it flows down to your bloodstream. Although babies might only drink a portion or a part of the alcohol from breast milk, it can still cause further damage and implications which can result in unusual or abnormal motor developments. Alcohol too can change sleep patterns of your sleep cycle and the baby. 

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It takes two hours for alcohol to leave a mother’s bloodstream. On the other side, there is good advice for you that you can surely do through your motherhood stage just in any case that you cannot surrender out drinking alcohol. Note that when you want if you choose to drink one, evenly spreading out the time of drinking will be the best solution for you. As well as normal drinking, remember to drink moderately and be mindful of the alcohol content of your chosen product. 

Though their best advice for you to drink alcohol while breastfeeding, it is best to advise you to stop breastfeeding your baby at all or to avoid breastfeeding until the alcohol has cleared out into your breast milk. The best routine for your baby to be safe is to have an alcoholic drink after you have fully breast-fed your baby. It is one way of saving breast milk after drinking. You don’t want your baby to put in a high-risk factor just because you are thirsty to drink alcohol and follow your vices. 

You need to follow this ultimate breastfeeding guide to better know what could be the best procedure and situation for your baby. Bear in mind that breastfeeding is the best way for newborn babies until their first age. It is highly recommended for you to take action and read a guide on this matter most especially if you know in yourself that you are a hard drinker. 

Best ways On how to avoid drinking while breastfeeding

1. Stop hanging out with your friends

Most probably when you are a Millenial and you are still fresh from teenage-hood, the best way to escape drinking alcohol is to stop hanging out with your friends. Aside from the fact that they could be a big factor in pushing you towards drinking alcohol, remember that the most important thing and responsibility you have is to take care of your baby more than anything else in this world. 

2. Switch to other drinks

It might be true that it is hard to switch from other drinks when you have been used to drinking alcohol. Beer for breastmilk is never been good for you and your baby’s health. If you cannot control drinking so much, why not switch from drinking juices so that you could still feel that you’re drinking but just in a healthy way. Juice has a lot more beneficial things than beers. 

3. Focus on your goals

Focusing on something may let you become busy and even forget that you have a want and need to drink alcohol. The study suggests that if you want to get over someone or something, make yourself busy to the extent that you even forgot what time is it. Go and have fun with your baby! Have some family date nights and bond. You may be having a hard time not drinking your favorite alcohol but it is the best way for you and your baby.

4. Control and have a proper diet

The most effective and efficient way as suggested by many is having a proper diet and controlling things on their own. If you wanted to start change and be healthy, know your limits. Drinking alcohol is never a bad thing to do, however, doing it while breastfeeding your baby may input some bad implications and could result in any motor damages. 

5. Lessen your alcohol drink

At times, we really cannot allow ourselves to stop the things that we are used to (and somehow we love). Learn to lessen your alcohol intake and of course, read pregnancy tips for more information and healthy tips. 


Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding at the same time is not an option and will always never be a healthy thing to do. There are a lot of complications that could happen and result in which you may not want to discover out most especially when things happen to your baby. Keep in mind that their immune system is still weak and a lot of support should be needed. The support that the baby is finding for is the mother’s milk which can happen through breastfeeding. Stop drinking and have a healthy pregnancy journey towards your child’s growth and future. These are just some of the things you start to give-up once the baby arrives. 

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