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Beautiful and Whimsical Names That Mean Snow

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Beautiful and Whimsical Names That Mean Snow

Seasonal names are becoming a trend amongst expecting parents. It could be the sense of Holiday spirit or they recently found out their due date. Some parents name their child after the seasons or elements which reminds of them that season. It narrows down the baby name brainstorming to only a few specific names. 

Choosing a seasonal name would give your baby names list a lot of unique yet charming options. In case your baby’s due date is around December, you will have a precious Winter baby! So, why not look for names that mean snow? Snow is both beautiful and whimsical which will give you plenty of inspiration and meaningful options.

Scroll on to see our list of the top baby names that mean snow, maybe one of them will be the perfect one for your winter baby!

Top names that mean snow for your winter baby

  • Snow: yes, this one is a little too on the nose when it comes to names that mean snow but it’s such a simple yet charming name choice. It is fresh and pure which makes you picture Disney’s first princess, Snow White. Who wouldn’t want to be named after the beauty of Winter as well as a Disney character?
  • Jonas: named after 2012’s snowmageddon, this is a bold yet cute name choice for your baby son. It is the Greek variation of the name Jonah which means “dove.” Now, you don’t have to picture the storm which Jonas is associated with, instead focus on the special meaning of the name. Doves are the symbol of purity, peace, and calm after the storm. 
  • Neve: this unique name choice on our list, is the Italian and Portuguese word for snow. Names that mean snow can also be literal translations of the word. It gives your baby a sense of charm and a cute story on how you found their name.
  • Lumi: following the foreign translation trend, Lumi is Finnish for snow. This is quite a popular name in Finland, especially for precious winter babies! It is also the shortened version of Lumikki, of the same meaning and origin.
  • Eira: this snow-related Welsh name is not only quirky in spelling but also on how it is pronounced. Meaning white as snow, Eira is pronounced as “AY-rah.”
  • Yuki: this one is a common Japanse unisex name which means “deep beautiful snow” or “silence of deep snow.” You will often encounter this name in popular Manga and anime series. It’s lengthened version, Yukiko means snow child born in December. So this name is definitely perfect for your Christmas baby.
  • Crystal: now this is a different direction when it comes to names that mean snow, with Crystal you are referring to the beautiful ice formed in the snow. This is a beautiful choice for your baby girl, it exudes both simplicity and charm which isn’t too on the nose for winter-related names.
  • Alaska: if you noticed place names are very popular among new parents and it’s very understandable why. The place could either hold a special meaning or the origin of the name resonates with you. With Alaska, it can conjure images of beautiful winter landscapes and snowy planes. 
  • Aspen: This is an odd yet endearing place inspired name choice. This unisex name is inspired by the very trendy ski resort in Colorado. But in case you want to give people a different reason why you chose this name, you could also say it was inspired by the tree of the same name. Aspen trees are known for their beautiful heart-shaped leaves which quivers in the ice-cold breeze.
  • Bianca: names that mean snow are either literal translations or a little too on the nose, other choices, however, leaves little to no room for storytelling. You want people to be curious about your winter baby’s name, so Bianca is the perfect subtle choice. It is Italian for “white,” which is commonly associated with beautiful wintery scenes.
  • Christian: in case you will have a Christmas-time baby, this is a good choice for your baby boy. This Greek name means “follower of Christ,” and sounds a little close to Christmas, which is the best snow-related holiday.
  • Cypress: Nature is the best inspiration for names, the origin of this name is related to a beautiful northern tree. On average most trees do not survive the winter, but Cypress trees are long-living trees that often grow up north. With a name like this, it resonates strength and resiliency.
  • Gwendolen: this lovely Welsh name means “white, fair, and blessed.” It embodies the elements we compare snow with and it’s another subtle name choice. You can also shorten it to Gwen.
  • Iclyn: this unique name makes you picture beautiful icicles and snowflakes which is fitting for a winter baby. This name has a beautiful and special meaning as well, “compassionate and idealistic.”
  • Nicholas : another Christmas related name on our list, named after the jolly old St. Nick this is the perfect name for your December baby boy. Aside from being associated with Santa Clause, this name is Greek meaning “people’s victory,” which evokes fighting and winning spirit.
  • Noelle: if Nicholas is a Christmas name for boys, then Noelle is the feminine counterpart. This beautiful name that rolls perfectly off your tongue is French for Christmas.
  • Quilo: an unusual yet handsome sounding name, this name refers to the Northwind commonly referenced from Roman mythology.
  • Whittaker: an old-fashioned choice but it’s perfect for parents who dream of a beautiful white Christmas. Whittaker means, “white field” which conjure up images of snow-white mountains and snowflakes on Christmas day.

Why names that mean snow works

The best thing about names that mean snow is that it conjures feelings of peace and warmth, despite its icy meaning. When you think of winter, the first thing that pops in your mind is beauty and purity. Each name has it’s only special meaning yet snow is so enchanting, enough for you to name a child after.

Not sure about your baby’s gender? That’s okay, most names that mean snow are unisex.

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