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Popular Filipino Baby Names for Girls and Boys With Meanings

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You have a wide selection of popular Filipino baby names for girls and boys with meanings that are worth checking out.

It is important to note that Tagalog is a complex language from its blend of various cultures. The archipelago is home to more than 150 languages where each has a distinct sound and cadence. The harmonious synchronization of these languages is evident in ballads, texts and even in their baby names.

A close look at popular Filipino baby names for girls and boys with meanings

Once you decide to give your upcoming bundle of joy a unique name, it is time to check out the popular Filipino baby names for girls and boys with meanings.

Filipino baby girl names

1.   Dalisay

The name Dalisay has a whimsical and happy feel to it. This might be due to its connection with the English name Daisy. It is also a widely used Filipino surname and means “clear”, “pure” or “perfect”.

2.   Darna

Darna is an imaginary superheroine that was created by Mars Ravelo, a Filipino comics legend. She is a warrior with a human form named Narda.

Darna was formerly called Varga and even made an appearance in Bulaklak Magazine. Due to different outputs with the editors, the name was eventually changed to Darna.

3.   Tala

In Tagalog mythology, Tala is the goddess of the stars. As the eldest daughter of the moon, Tala helps in defending the stars from trailing the sun. The meaning of the name is “bright star” in the Tagalog language.

4.   Reyna

The name “Reyna” is a Filipino variant of the Spanish name “Reina” which indicates the “queen”. This name was included in the “top 100” list of baby names for many years.

5.   Bituin

For those who want an ethereal or space-related name, this name means “star” in Filipino. Take note that this name is not known in America and Europe, making it the ideal choice for parents as a unique yet lovable name.

6.   Amor

Amor, which means “love” in Spanish is a widely used name in the Philippines for baby girls.

7.   Sampaguita

Sampaguita is directly derived from the word “Sampaguita” which is the national flower of the Philippines.

Filipino baby boy names

1.   Alejandro

The name Alejandro has Spanish roots and continues to rise in popularity. As the Spanish form of Alexander, it is included in the top 100 list since 1997.

2.   Makisig

This is an ideal name for a handsome baby boy. This is a Tagalog name which indicates “handsome”.

3.   Alon

If you want a dashing name with a Latin flair, this is a good one. In Tagalog, the name means “waves”. It is also considered as a condensed variant of Alfonzo.

4.   Bayani

Bayani is one of the frequently used names in the Philippines. It is considered as a unique name that is easy to pronounce.

5.   Crisanto

Crisanto is derived from Christ in the Filipino language. This name is a good recommendation for parents who want a spiritual name for their child but would not go for “Christian” or “Christopher”.

6.   Ernesto

This name is a widely favored name by both Filipino and Hispanic families. Although the name moved out of favor recently, it is a name worth considering.

Final thoughts

Depending on the Filipino name that you will choose for your upcoming bundle of joy, whether you want a unique and memorable one, it is best to check out these popular Filipino baby names for girls and boys with meanings to find the right one.

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