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Cool Names: Story Character Boys’ Names

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As parents, we have all the freedom to choose a name for our babies. It is up to you if you want to use millennial names, Hawaiian names, or even medieval names. As part of selecting a name for your baby, did you know that the story character boys’ names are now also making their way to the top? To give you more details about this topic, here are some of the story character boys’ names that you can use. 

  • Sawyer 

This name is one of the boy names from fantasy books. I bet you are one of the avid fans of the story, Tom Sawyer, right? This name has an English definition of “a man who works with wood for a living.” 

  • Romeo 

Romeo is one of the good character names for guys that you should consider. This name is famous as one of the lead characters in the play “Romeo and Juliet.” This is one of the great story character boys’ names that you should consider in choosing a name for your baby boy. 

  •  Holden

Another great addition to the strong male character names that can be an excellent option for you! Holden is one of the story character boys’ names that made us fall in love with the story of The Catcher in the Rye during our teenage years. 

  • Lawrence 

Another male fictional character names that you should consider is the name, Lawrence. Remember the story Little Women? This name can be associated with your future professor and your future businessmen. Don’t forget to consider this name to your list of your story character boys’ names. 

  • Watson

When we hear this name, the first thing that comes to our mind is Sherlock Holmes’s great sidekick. This is one of the coolest character names that you can use for your baby boy. This name portrays a smart and loyal character. Go on and add this name to your male names master list. 

  • Landon 

A Walk to Remember is one of the stories that made our hearts fall into pieces. This name portrays the character of a bad boy but, later on, becomes a sweet and loving man. This man falls in love with a girl who has cancer.

  • Santiago 

The name Santiago is renowned as one of the characters in the novel The Alchemist. As one of the baby names from books and movies, the name Santiago sends us the meaning of being determined to fulfill our duty. In this novel, the said character seems to be very much willing to take his journey while allowing himself to learn his lessons. 

  • Quentin 

Remember Professor Quentin from the Harry Potter? The determination of this man, as well as his capacity to love, is what makes him one of the great characters in the series. This name belongs to the unique names for characters that you can also opt for your little boy.  

  • Simon 

Rainbow Rowell used this simple name to her famous creation, “Carry On.” In this story, Simon portrays the role of a magician. The name Simon has a definition of “listen”. I am sure your baby will fall in love with this name too! 

  • Charlie 

We often hear this name as one of the good boy movie character names. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most famous stories that give justice to this name. In this story, Charlie has the characters of being a smart, loving, and sweet boy; that’s why it is best to use this name for your little boy. 

  • Minho 

Another great name for a baby boy that you should consider. The story of Maze Runner popularized this name. He is a good leader whom you can count on during a severe crisis. 

  • Cedric 

Another Harry Potter-inspired name. The famous Robert Pattinson portrayed Cedric Diggory. This character is renowned for being handsome, popular, good, kind, and brave. This name seems to be perfect for your little angel.  

With so many choices of names around the world, choosing the best can sometimes be complicated. To help you choose the best baby names, we have gathered a list of story character boys’ names for your little angel. These captivating names are all inspired by different famous books and stories. From the classic to new names, you will surely love all of these. Rest assured that your baby boy will also fall in love with these names once they grow up. 

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