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Being a New Mom: Avoid These Baby Bedtime Mistakes

Being a first-time mom will never be easy. You’re keeping in touch with the new things that’s been handing out to you and being given all at once. You may say that the standards with how you handle your baby might be high and there’s a lot of chance that you will make a mistake not only once or twice but a lot of un-control times. 

There’s this topic that mothers are most concern about. It’s all about new mommies that should avoid the baby’s average bedtime mistakes. It may be harsh to say that you don’t actually know everything but you may be just doing it the wrong way most especially in your baby’s bedtime. For instance, baby’s cry when put down to sleep, you might be having some question why do babies cry before sleeping? Is it necessary that a 6-month-old baby cries when put down? Or does your baby screams at bedtime? Lastly, should you wake up baby to bathe? These might be just some of those queries but we’re giving you away hints on being a new mommy and avoiding these baby bedtime mistakes.

Being a new mom: avoid these baby bedtime mistakes

Forcing the crib or toddler bed

You might be excited about the cute toddler crib that you have just bought for your baby because of its Disney Princess style or Cars design but forcing your baby to sleep on these kind of beds won’t make it more easy for you to put him or her to sleep is he or she is not comfortable with it. Babies usually like to have that warm and quality bond with you. Why not try to let him or her sleep beside you with a flat and comfortable bed? It might just be one of the best places for a newborn to sleep.

The crying method

You may have done this for a while because you have an instinct that they will stop no matter what happens. It’s listed on the 15 mistakes parents make with newborns. Believe it or not, it will not work and may worsen out the situation.

Letting them be awake for too long

Just like with normal people, keeping the baby awake for too long will cause you some baby bedtime mistakes. In reality, newborns stay awake for about an hour only. In the first few weeks, your baby will only stay for as long as 30 to 40 minutes. It is quite necessary to monitor these too because baby’s who are overtired tends to cry more than ever. So, if your baby’s awake all day and won’t sleep, probably you might have to something about it. 

Keeping them awake during the day

This might not be the top cause but this reason could be a factor while you’re also having these babies have a late bedtime routine. It not new to you that your relatives might say that you should keep your baby awake for him or her to sleep at night. However, this is untrue and will only cause you and your baby out to stress. 

Knowing it All

Sometimes this attitude can ruin you (not only for being a mom but being a whole person itself) You might want to ask for help to someone about some parenting 101 or a book that’s all about when does parenting gets easier about what are the things that you should probably be doing to help your baby put into sleep and avoid these baby bedtime mistakes. Asking for help won’t cause you to harm at all. 


You may make mistakes a lot of times because things will be new to you but always appreciate the value of learning and discovering things most especially when it’s all about you and your baby. There are a lot of best things to do for a new mom and note that you are not perfect too and you eventually make mistakes along the way.

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