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Most Elegant Romanian Baby Girl Name

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Most Elegant Romanian Baby Girl Name

After the ultrasound, it is revealed you are having a baby girl. Excitement is in the air as you and your partner brainstorm baby names.

Deciding the name of your child is one of the most difficult tasks for any parent. You will scour the internet for cute names with beautiful meanings hopefully to find the perfect one. With so many names to choose from, how do you know which one is the right fit?

The best names are often Romanian names. Culturally, the Romanian language is filled with such rich and diverse vocabulary fit for literature. Which can be clearly seen in the origins of Romanian female names. Many of which are inspired by saints, nature, and ancient myths.

To narrow down your search, here are the most beautiful and elegant Romanian female names to choose from.

Top Romanian female names for your baby girl

Anastasia: derived from Greek and Slavic roots, it means “resurrection.” It is the most popular name in Russia and has become one of the most well-like Romanian female names in the last decade.

Andrea: it is the feminine counterpart of one of the most beloved Romanian saints, Saint Andrew. It is also one of the most popular Romanian female names.

Sofia: derived from the Greek word of “wisdom,” this name is also synonymous to royalty with many Princesses around the world sharing the same name. 

Mirela: a classic and elegant name, it is the Romanian form of the French name “Mireille,” which translates to admire or admiration.

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Alexandra: one of the most common Romanian female names, it is inspired by Greek mythology. It is the title given to the Greek Goddess Hera, which means “the one who comes to save warriors.”

Camelia: a timeless and popular named from Eastern Europe, it is derived from the name of the flower Camellia.

Gabriela: with a graceful yet strong name, it means “God is my strength.”

Izabela – a variant from the name “Isabella,” it means devoted to God. It is an unconventional spelling yet reflects on the classic Romanian names.

Crina: meaning “a lily,” from the Romanian word crina. Lilies are popular flowers that represent purity and devotion.

Adriana: the feminine counterpart of one of the most Roman Emperors, Hadrian. The name’s origin also translates to “brilliant and beautiful love.”

Elena: another popular Romanian female name, this Greek-inspired name means “shining light” or “bright one.” 

Angelika – derived from the Latin word “Angelicus,” this popular Romanian female name means “angelic” or like an angel.

Juliani: a common name throughout Europe, is the feminine form of name Julian which means to be noble, generous, and kind.

Violeta: another name based on a popular Romanian flower, it literally translates to “little violet.” The flower is also associated with modesty.

Simona: of both Romanian and Italian origin, it means a woman who listens.

Talyssa :is an elegant name which means “Sacred to God.”

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Zandra: a variant of the Romanian name “Alizandra” which means defender of mankind.

Ana: a quite common Romanian female name, it is an elegant name which means gracious and beautiful.

Antonia: it means a beautiful woman who is praiseworthy.

Sorina: in most cultures, names deriving from the heavenly bodies are highly favored. Sorina means “the sun” in Romanian.

Mihael: inspired by the archangel, it is the feminine variant of the Hebrew name Michael. In Croatia and Romania, the name translates to “who is like God.”

Dorotthea: a Romanian variation of the name Dorothea which means the gift of God.

Luiza: the origin of its name is derived from Louis which means “famous in battle.” It is also a unique spelling variant of the name Louisa of the same origin.

Iona: a Romanian name which means “God is gracious.” The name’s origin traces back to the Hebrew name “Yehohanan.”

Alina: this beautiful name roughly translates to “bright and beautiful” as well as “noble and illustrious.” 

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Lia: derived from the Hebrew name “Leah,” this Romanian counterpart means “hardworking or industrious.”

Nikoleta: this name is a combination of names such as Nike which means “victory” and Laos meaning “the people.” It’s a very lovely feminine name that can be spelled with a K as well.

Relia: the name’s origin is translated to “gold.” As we all know, gold is a precious metal that is commonly associated with wealth, grandeur, glamour, and success.

Tabitha: Biblical names are common in Romania and this name is one of elegance and value. It means “gazelle,” which is associated with beauty and gentleness.

Imanuela: a feminine version of the name Emmanuel, it means “God is among us.”

Anabela: derived from French origin, this unique variant of Anabelle translates to “gracious and beautiful.” 

Antonia: associated with the Greek name Anthony, it translates to “highly praiseworthy.”

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Astrid: the name has been widely used among royal families for hundreds of years. It means divine strength or divine beauty.

Silviana: Romanian variant of the name Silvius which means woman of the woods.

Viviana: a Romanian form of the name Viviene which translates to “one who is full of life.”

Lerae: meaning a strong and brave person, derived from the name masculine name Valerius.

Narcissa: another flower-derived name from Romania of the same name. It is also inspired by the name of the Greek God Narkissos, a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection.

Don’t Stress Too Much On The Name

Romanian female names sound both elegant and regal, so it’s a top contender for baby girl names. From unique names to meaningful origins, any of the names listed will be a perfect fit.

Look closely at the meaning of the names you will choose. Make sure the one you will choose has a positive attribute that you want your child to embody.  A lot of Romanian names have different spellings as well, so you can play around with it to give it your own spin. 

But don’t put too much pressure on yourselves! You and your partner have nine months to find your perfect name. Sure it can be hard but with some research, choosing your baby girl’s name can be fun.

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