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Croatian Baby Names: Complicated But Unique

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Croatian Baby Names: Complicated But Unique

Croatian names can be a bit difficult. Their lettering can be peculiar while the compositions and structuring have some similarities with the Slavic people and other name systems in Europe.

Below, are lists of Croatian baby names where you can select from. The list is based on gender.

Croatian names: girls

Adrijana: Croatian variation of Adriana, that means Adria.

Aklina: High regard to worship or adoration/ admiration.

Andela: Croatian term for Angela, means angel.

Antea: This name means rival, Antaeus is the masculine form.

Antonela: Means worthy of every praise, Croatian variant of Antonella.

Basia: A foreign lade.

Biserka: Means Pearl.

Bozica: Means little Bozena, a goddess.

Branimira: Branimir is the male term, which means a peaceful universe world.

Branka: Refers to the protection of glory.

Bura: Like a sea storm.

Capeka: A small stork.

Dejana: God combines.

Dijana: Royal name/ princess.

Dinora: Dinah in Hebrews, means avenged.

Dubravk: An oak wood.

Dusana: Means Soul.

Elizabetha: God is the provider of Satisfaction.

Gabrijela: A form of Gabrielle, meaning Woman/Messenger of God.

Ivana: The present of Yahweh.

Ivona: Croatian variation of Yvonne, means yew.

Jadranka: Name originated from the Adriatic sea.

Jadrien: Her eyes are like the color of the Adriatic sea.

Jaka: A very courageous woman.

Jelka: Means the moon or a torch.

Josipa: Form of Josephine in Croatian term; means will add.

Klaudija: Crippled and or Lame

Klimentina: Kind

Krasna: A beautiful lady.

Ljuba: A Slavic terms that denote Love.

Mirjana: Mojca – The beloved 

Mirna: A calm and gentle being.

Mirta: A little tree or evergreen shrub. 

Patricija: Croatian variation of Patricia, refers to noble.

Radenka: To work or take action.

Radmila: A sweet joy

Rijeka: River

Safranka: A kind of Saffron flower.

Sajonara: Saying Farewell

Sanela: Fit and or Healthy

Sarlota: Croatian form of Caroline, means strong.

Seada: Cheerful and happy 

Senada; Heavenly and graceful 

Sesila: A form of Cecilia, denotes blindness.

Sibila: Oracle, name of Greek prophetess.

Simunka: To be heard/ to hear.

Slatka: Sweet flavor

Slobodanka: Freedom

Snjezana: Denotes snow woman.

Sonora: Being Loud

Spasenka: Save

Studena: Chilling/ Cold

Suncana: Sunny

Svjetlana: Means light

Tadeja: God’s gift

Tajana: Secret

Terezija: Means the reaper

Tihana: Saint, quiet person

Trpimira: World peace

Ulrika: Female leader

Valpurga : Woman master of the tower

Vanesa: Form of Vanessa, refers to butterfly.

Vasilija: Feminine variant of Basil, means king.

Vatroslava: Flame/Fire

Vedrana: Veselka- Jolly Person

Venera: Honorable

Veronika: Form of Veronica, means honest and true.

Vesna: Messenger

Vigora: Woman termed fo Vigor, meaning power and strength.

Viktoria: Means victory.

Vincencija: Woman form of Vincent, to conquer.

Vinea: Vineyard

Visnja: Means cherry.

Vita: Vitus is the masculine term of this name which means life.

Vitomira: The Lord of the peaceful world.

Vjekoslava: Glory of time

Vjera: This is one of the virtue Croatian baby names that mean Faith.

Vladimira: Female name of Vladimir, means to rule.

Zagorka: Means behind the mountain.

Zaklina: Another variant of Jacov, means the Lord will add.

Zana: Same meaning with Ivana

Zdenka:To create

Zdravka: Health and wellness.

Croatian names: boys

Aljoša: Slovene term of Alyosha, a defender.

Alojz/ Alojzije: Well-known Warrior

Andreja/ Andrija: A form of Andrew, meaning manly.

Antonijo: Form of Antonio, meaning deserving of praise.

Antun: Invaluable one 

Bartol: Croatian term of Bartholomew or son of Talmai.

Bartolomej: Another form of Bartholomew, means a plowman.

Blago/ Blagoje: Blessed, gentle-minded boy

Borislav: Battle of glory

Dalmat: Term for sheep.

Damjan: Means to tame

Danaboth: Someone from Denmark, Valley. 

Darijo: Variant of Darius, denotes to possess.

Davorin: In mythology, god of war.

Deniel: Alternative for Daniel that means God is my judge.

Dinko: Lord, Sovereign

Dmitar: Loved the earth

Domagoj: Homegrown or nurture

Dorijan: Croatian term for Dorian or child of the sea.

Draen: Clever/ Bright

Dragutin: Precious and or dear

Drevan: Beloved

Dubravko: Tree or grove

Duko: Popular wolf

Emerik: Power, work

Frane/Franco: Croatian for Francis, referred to ‘freeman’.

Gabrijel: God’s messenger

Grga/ Grgur: Alert or watchful

Hrvoje: Mean ‘Croat’

Ilija: Croatian term for Elijag, means God is my Yahweh.

Ime: Miracle

Imun: Immune/Clean

Ivano : Variant of John, The Lord is gracious.

Ivor: The oath of a warrior

Jadran: This name is inspired by Adriatic sea

Javor : Which means Maple tree

Jerko : A mini or little version of Jeromin

Jeronim: The name means holy and being saved from the harm.

Jozo: A version of Joseph, which means that God will add more.

Jure: A variant of George, means an earth worker or farmer.

Jurica: Means farmer, a version of Simon

Karlo: A man with an armor

Kreo: The one who creates/ creator.

Kristijan: version of Christian, someone who follows the ways of Christ.

Kristofor: Christ’s worshipper

Krsto: Cross

Kruno/ Krunoslav: The crowning glory

Ljubo: A rich of virtue name that means love and peace.

Ljubomir: A lover of peace

Lovre: means someone from Laurentum, short version od Lovrenco.

Lovrenco: Which means Laurentum, Croatian term for Laurence.

Lovro : A shorter version of Lovrenc.

Lucijan: A being who is born into light.

Mario: Bitter or sad person

Matej: Believed to God’s gift

Matija: It is also a gift of God, Croatian term of Matthias.

Matko: Little Matthias, same meaning with Matej and Matija.

Miho/ Mihovil: A Croatian a variant of Michael means like God.

Mislav: Means to anticipate glory.

Pavao: Form or Paul in Croatia, means humble or small.

Roko: Means rest, from the name Rocco.

Sebastijan: Form of Sebastianus that means from ‘Sebaste’

Slavco : who brings glory and pride to the family.

Srecko : A fortunate individual, lucky

Stipe: Means crown, Stjepan’s diminutive

Tin: This means thinker in Vietnamese, a suffix name denotes ‘saint’.

Tomislav : From tomiti (a Slavic element), torture mixed with glory.

Tvrtko: Being hard

Vanja : Alternative term for God or God is gracious.

Vedran : Being cheerful and clean

Velimir: A great peace or calmness

Vid: Croatian word of Wido, which means wood.

Viktor : A form of Victor, which means success or a huge victory.

Vinko : Dominating the leadership qualities of an individual and or person. 

Vito: This a variant of Vito that simply means ‘life’,

Vjeko : Glory of the ages to come

Vjekoslav : The same denotation with Vjeko

Vlaho : Talking with a lisp or mispronouncing.

Zelimir: A person who aims or desires peace.

Zlatan : A hairy man that is colored gold.

Zlatko : The same meaning with Zlatan.

Zunich : A Woodpecker

Zvonimir: The music and or sound of peace.

Å ime/ Å imun: Croatian name of Simon that denotes ‘he has heard’.

You may be having a hard time looking for a perfect baby name. But, nothing to worry about, these priceless Croatian baby names will save your day.

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