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Bookshelf Ideas For Kids: A Great Way to Encourage Your Kids to Love Reading

Bookshelf Ideas For Kids: A Great Way to Encourage Your Kids to Love Reading

There are many skills and expertise we can teach our children. It is easier for kids to acquire new knowledge when they are still young. Good habits should also be introduced to them by now so they can keep it until they are old. One of these many good habits is reading. Encourage your kids to love reading and instill in them the love for books and reading should start at a young age.

The importance of reading

  • The more you read for children, the more knowledge they can acquire. And it is undeniable that knowledge is important in every facet of life. Studies show that children who love reading do better in all his subjects, not just in communication and literacy subjects.
  • Reading books expose kids to different words you do not often use every day, thus widening his vocabulary. Reading helps to help kids master their language skills and develop their fluency.
  • Doing exercise kids’ brains.
  • Reading enhances kids’ concentration, creativity, and imagination.
  • Reading opens a yearning for more knowledge.

How to encourage kids to read

  • Parents should set as a child’s model. They should also have a love for reading so that their kids will do the same. Most kids learn through observation and imitation.
  • Make time for reading. Kids need to understand that reading is a part of his daily schedule. Make it a relaxing and enjoyable time.
  • Make reading fun and creative. You can act what you are reading using different voices and tones.
  • Choose materials that fit your children’s reading ability and preference.
  • Go to the library. You can encourage your kids to borrow books about their choices.
  • Make books and other materials accessible to them. Children who became readers usually come from homes where books are always available. Parents can create cozy nooks and colorful kiddie bookshelves that can help to encourage children to read. Books displayed in attractive bookshelves are enticing to grab and flip its pages.

Bookshelves ideas for kids

Gutters. Yes, you heard it right. Gutters, that which is used in the roof is a good material in making kids’ bookshelves. You just need to cut it in your desired sizes. No need to paint it. Attached it in the wall or room corners. You can add colorful drawings or stickers to make it attractive to kids.

Simple bookshelf. Think of a typical bookshelf that looks like a cabinet minus the door. This can make ideal bookshelves for kids in colorful colors and cute designs.

Floating shelves/floating corner shelves (horizontal). Depending on the space where you plan to put the shelf, you need to cut the pine board in rectangular pieces on your desired sizes, assemble and attached it to the wall. Coat with colorful paint. You can add in kiddie stickers or cut-outs to make it more attractive. Do not put it too high so the kids can get it without the need for stools or chairs that can be a hazard.

Floating corner shelves (vertical). You need to cut your pine board and make 6 squares of your desired size. Layout the shelf to form the design that you want. Glue it together. Sand and add kiddie finishing touches. Install in the corner wall.

Tree of knowledge shelves. These are simply floating shelves that are designed and layout to create the shape of a tree. Although this is available for order online, one can make his version for the little kids’ library.

Animal bookcase. Similar to that of the tree shelves, these are shelves layout to form the shape of animals, depending on your kids’ favorite – giraffe, elephant, dog, cat, rabbit or even bee and butterfly, the choice is yours. Aside from attaching it to a wall, you can make one that can stand in the middle of the kiddie library.

Animal storage cart. These are small rectangular carts designed with animal faces in the front and painted with animal colors and design in the body, complete with the animal tail at the back. Books can be stacked vertically and can be transferred from one place to another with the help of a tiny rope that pulls the whole cart.

Book bin. This is similar to a rectangular wooden box with divider. Books and magazines can be distributed in the divisions. It can be painted in colorful prints and designs suitable for kids. Wallpapers can also be used to cover the inside panel.

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Wall pockets.  This is similar to the wall pocket organizer but is designed with colorful and cute animal prints. The pockets are bigger for books to fit in.

Book caddy. This is also similar to a rectangular box with a handle to carry books from one place to another. Just like the animal storage cart, it can be painted and designed with cute animal faces and prints.

These designs attract kids, arising their interest not just in these tiny pieces of art but of course in books and reading. With these pretty bookshelves, what you need next are cozy nooks to make reading a more interesting and enjoyable time.

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