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Buying the Best Toys for Babies 6 to 12 Months

Buying the Best Toys for Babies 6 to 12 Months

By looking only at you (and vice versa), the baby experiences endless joy; however, soon, it will be showing an interest in toys. But when it comes to child games, it’s more than just the eye touches. In fact, what may seem too sweet could be too risky — or a colossal bore. We provide information to help you to choose the best toys for babies 6 to 12 months carefully so that your kid is happy, dedicated, and healthy.

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration-Free Packaging)

by VTech

Get set to go. Be prepared. Kids can play on the ground with the detachable activity board as they seek objects, colors, art, shape, and numbers. Connect the board to the walker as the babies grow and learn how to travel. Rollers, rotating gears, shape sorts, and light-up buttons develop engine capabilities. Five keys are playing and encouraging playing music notes.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Training Walker allows the child to grow from a crawler to a walker with innovative strategies. Your kid will have unending fun as they learn to walk through a corral with happy people. Start with the easy to detach floor play or running fun activity board and then start with the fun to manipulate walker. 

Spinning wheels, five piano keys, three colored rollers, three light-up type sorters, three buttons, and a mobile handset provide endless fun to stimulate the reading and motor skills of your child. The Training Walker Sit-to-Stand keeps babies on the road, forms, patterns, wildlife, music, and more!

2. iPlay, iLearn 10pcs Baby Rattles Teether, Shaker, Grab and Spin Rattle, Musical Toy Set, Early Educational Toys for 3, 6, 9, 12 Month Baby Infant, Newborn

by iPlay, iLearn

iPlay, iLearn, was founded by an early childhood educator and mother who was inspired by the idea of giving children a fun, education, and healthy toys to help them develop essential life skills and help them make their first audacious leap towards achievement and learning. iPlay, iLearn’s toys help children develop skills for their lives, such as interactive, team-based, imaginative, and imaginary skills.

Third-party laboratories approved by CPSC performs testing of iPlay and iLearn Toys. Physical and mechanical tests were performed on all children. Just choose your child’s best toy! Every time to give a special gift to newborn birthdays, baby showers, visits and holidays, Christmas gifts or as holiday gifts, birthdays and festivities-Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year. It certainly is one of the best toys for babies 6 to 12 months!

3. Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack and Baby’s First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive]

by Fisher-Price

Kids will be delighted by this fun gift set of two popular Fisher-Price toys: one rock-a-stack and the first baby blocks! The baby’s babies will work like a bee, developing an excellent engine and troublesome solving ability with all their bat-at play and shape-sorting.

The Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack game has plenty of fun ways of play and discovery, ranging from grabbing, turning, sorting, and piling. Babies will arrange and stack all five rings and bat on the wobbly base, helping improve their interest and exploration.

With your baby’s abilities, Baby’s First Blocks grows. The shape sorting cap sits on top of the bucket for sorting and matching when your little boy is ready for a task. Five shaped openings encourage children to drop the shape blocks by their respective opportunities. And it’s fun to drain and get the bucket going again when they’re finished.

Get your baby’s stability and agility skills for the sorting and piling drills. However, vibrant ways provide an enjoyable way to extend gaming for early learning. 

Once the baby places blocks in the tub, it recognizes colors, shapes, and counts, as a child puts every ten blocks in each tank. Five shaped openings encourage children to lower their own form supports. And it’s fun draining the tub then doing it all over again when they’re done.

4. Playskool Poppin’ Pals Pop-up Activity Toy for Babies and Toddlers Ages 9 Months and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

by Playskool

Another addition to the list of the best toys for babies 6 to 12 months is the Playskool Poppin’ Pals Pop-up Activity Toy for Babies and Toddlers Ages 9 Months and Up. Reward your child with this hands-on activity toy for exploration and discovery. The small hands are easy to trigger with button, beeper, key, and switch. When the daughter pushes and flips, she gains excellent motor skills and has fun with the resulting movement when lively creatures appear. Even an integrated carry handle is available for on-the-gogo play.

Playtime POPS for babies and kids aged nine months, with bright colors, numbers, sweet parameters, and constant FUN on these favorite paws. The button, beeper, key, and spinning switches are programmed to slip, drag, move, rotate and force the little fingers quickly to make animals POP, then pinch them and put them up. Share giraffe, bear, panda, tiger, and monkey with one another. These excellent game toy hands incorporate objects, colors, and forms, while the stimulating effect and trigger play facilitate exceptional motor learning. 

This Playskool Poppin Pals toy is perfect for portable play and comes with a comfortable grab handle for playing and secure storage on the go. This hand-held action toy exposes your baby to different forms, pets, and imaginative causes and effects. 

For little hands, it is easy to turn on a button, beeper, key, and switches. When you push, switch, and tweak, your child will grow excellent motor skills and love it when fun animals come up to the action they need. There is even an integrated handle for playing on the go.


We hope that our list of the best toys for babies 6 to 12 months helped you a lot! Remember that from the age of 0 to 1, infants discover their fascinating new world by the senses, which increase when they see, feel, smell, hear, and taste all they can. Nonetheless, babies are low on their motor skills for the first few months, and they rely on their eyes and ears to drink everything in them. Through simple designs and variations of sound, we gravitate towards vivid, predominant, and heavily contrasting colors. Your child’s happy for rattles and brushes, shoes, softball swings, and music and ghost play for around eight weeks.

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