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Catchy Names: Story Characters’ Girl Names

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Catchy Names: Story Characters’ Girl Names

Many bookworm parents are aiming to name their child a cute name from their favorite books. A captivating and exciting book or story can be a great source of unique literary baby names. To give you the best idea for these kinds of names, here is our list of story characters’ girl names that you can also consider. 

  • Elizabeth 

One of the classic female literary characters is the name Elizabeth. Aside from its fresh sound, the name Elizabeth also conveys a high definition of “pledged to God”. The name Elizabeth Bennet of the novel entitled Pride and Prejudice is one of the best proofs that this addition to the story characters’ girl names is one of the female character names from books that are best to consider. 

  • Scarlet 

This name sounds sexy and exciting. The name Scarlet conveys the meaning of red. Can you remember the name, Scarlett O’Hara? She is one of the main characters in the story Gone with the Wind. She is the epitome of beauty. Being feminine with cunningness are some of the characteristics that make her one of the most renowned names in the drama world. This is definitely one of the story characters’ girl names for your little daughter. 

  • Anne 

This name is one of the baby names from books and movies that you can opt for your little munchkin. This name has a definition of grace or mercy. Anne of Green Gables is one of the characters that give justice to this name. What an excellent addition to your list of story characters’ girl names! Take note that this is also one of the most famous names in literature. 

  • Natasha 

If you are going to choose a name for your little girl, don’t forget the name, Natasha. This name conveys a definition of “born on Christmas day”. The novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is one of the greatest proofs that the name Natasha is specially made for your sweet and charming little girl. 

  • Luna

What about naming your baby girl Luna? This name is charming. Aside from its lovely sound, the name Luna has also a meaning of the moon goddess. In the Harry Potter series, the girl named Luna is very positive despite the challenges that she has faced. You will surely admire her positivity despite losing all the people who are close to her. Luna is an excellent option for your positive little angel. 

  • Bella 

Bella is one of the coolest character names and a lead role in the story of The Twilight series. Being beautiful is the best word associated with this name. Bella in Twilight is an epitome of beauty, bravery, determination, and selflessness. 

  • Phoebe 

Shining and bright are the best words that describe the name, Phoebe. This name was popularized by the story “The Catcher in the Rye”. The character name Phoebe portrays purity, happiness and innocence characteristics in this story. 

  • Sofia 

This name conveys a significant meaning of wisdom. In the story of The Color Purple, the girl named Sofia shows her bravery by not letting any man control her life. Oprah Winfrey gives justice to this name by playing this lead role in the movie The Color Purple. 

  • Charlotte 

Feminine and tiny are the best words associated with the name Charlotte. In the novel Charlotte’s Web, the character name Charlotte here is kind, loyal, hardworking and honest. This little insect is a loyal friend who sacrifices herself for the sake of her beloved friends. 

  • Hazel 

The Fault in Our Stars gives justice to the name Hazel. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a real survivor. She was battling terminal cancer and continue to be a strong woman despite her weak body. 

  • Rosaline 

Did you know that Juliet is not Romeo’s first love? The girl named Rosaline is said to be the first love of Romeo. The girl name Rosalie in the book Romeo and Juliet is said to be gorgeous and enchanting. Also, this name has a definition of a lovely rose. 

There is no doubt that there is something special with the names mentioned above. The story characters’ girl names can be a great option not only for bookworm parents but for everyone as well. These names are surely suited for every baby girl out there. 

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