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Surprising Names: Artistic and Literary Names for your Little One

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Some parents prefer to name their little ones an artistic and literary name in respect and honor for the famous literature artists. To give you some suggestions on what name to choose for your baby, here are the artistic and literary names for your little one. Choose a name that will perfectly suit the characteristics of your little bundle of joy.

  • Alice

Are you familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland? If yes, then good for you. But did you know that this name also appeared many times in different books and works of writers? This well-known name is suited for your sweet little one.

  • Anne

Sounds simple right? But this name is one of the darlings of the literature since it appears to different literary references. The famous work of art that involves the name of Anne is the “The Diary of the Young girl.” This is an excellent addition to the artistic and literary names for your little one.

  • Bella

I bet you are one of those people who have fallen in love with the character of Kristen Stewart as Bella in the movie twilight. This name is perfect for your baby girl since it is one of the famous names nowadays.

  • Charlotte

Oh my, Charlotte! This name is considered as the girl version of the name Charles. This name was featured in different kinds of books worldwide. Charlotte’s Web is the most classic one!

  • Daisy

Another addition to the list of artistic and literary names for your little one is the name Daisy. This is a lovely name for your sweet little angel. Remember Daisy Buchanan? Well, she is one of the pieces of evidence that this name is perfect for the charming character of your baby girl.

  • Elizabeth

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most famous stories that make the name Elizabeth more renowned. The girl in this story can make us realize that Elizabeth is better if she is not afraid to speak the things in her mind. She also conveys a smart and determined character in this piece.

  • Hazel

“The Fault in Our Stars” movie will never be complete without the character named Hazel. Did you know that Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel? This is proof that this name has a charm and perfect for your charming little one.

  • Juliet

Our list of artistic and literary names for your little one will never be complete without the name Juliet. I know that you are one of those people who have fallen in love with William Shakespeare’s piece, Romeo and Juliet. What a romantic name for your little girl.

  • Luna

Can you still remember the girl named Luna in Harry Potter? She is a great proof that it is best if we are not afraid to love and embrace our true selves. This name can be significant in line with Hermione and Ginny.

  • Olivia

This name has a perfect definition of strength and femininity. This name is also a character from William Shakespeare’s piece. Your little Olivia will surely be happy with this name.

  • Savannah

This name is often associated with the novel name “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. What a great name to add to our list of artistic and literary names for your little one.

  • Ethel

Are you one of the fans of the novel entitled “the Newcomes?” She is a beautiful character in this novel, which captured the hearts of many readers.

  • Arundhati

This name conveys the perfect meaning of the goddess of the sky and the stars. Arundhati Roy has a taste in choosing this name for a novel.

  • Arya

The character of Arya Stark is also one of the characters that give justice to the story Game of Thrones. This name is perfect for your courageous and determined little girl.

  • Lisbeth

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is one of the best stories that feature the name Lisbeth as one of the characters. This name is also said to be a great alternative to the name Elizabeth.

These artistic and literary names for your little one can be a great option for you. The great literature writers inspire these names. So if you are one of the arts and literature lovers out there, then you can find the perfect name in here!   

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