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Childbirth Fear – Easy Tips on How to Stop Being Scared of Giving Birth

Are you scared of giving birth? Then, you are not alone mommy! About 20% of women from all over the world experience fear of giving birth and it’s not just happening to first-time mothers. Women who have given birth in the past can also undergo the fear of labor and delivery.

The fear of giving birth is inevitable. As you get closer to your due date, you start to feel mixed emotions and everything comes into your mind becomes overwhelming. Giving birth is never an easy process and it brings fear to most soon-to-be-moms. “What if” questions begin running through your mind and you find it difficult to relax. You may also become anxious thinking of how long the childbirth will last.

Calm down, mommies! Experiencing fear in birth is normal but every woman should overcome it for them to look forward to the big day. So, how do you do it? Good thing there are some tips on how to stop being scared of giving birth. Let us take a look at them below!

1. Talk about it to someone.

If giving birth is bothering you, you should not hesitate to ask questions and be open about it. You can speak about it with someone, it can be your friend, mother, partner, or even your doctor. Talk about how you feel and it really doesn’t matter how small or big the issue is. Remember that expressing your thoughts can give you wisdom and understanding that will eventually help you cope with your fear. It helps to be open-minded about things a woman undergoes during childbirth which include labor and delivery. Do not ignore your worries, embrace them instead to avoid anxiety and depression.

Make sure to talk about it with someone whom you think can understand your situation. It is best to seek great advice from people who are level-headed who can give you positive tips and advice about giving birth. Hear from someone who views childbirth as a normal process and won’t scare or discourage you.

2. Split everything up.

It always helps to break your energy and thoughts down and not concentrate on thinking about the process of labor and delivery. Talk to your friends and families about what will happen after the process such as celebrating every milestone of your little one, birthdays, and how to recover from giving birth, etc. Doing this will gradually make you feel more comfortable and safe as the big day approaches.

3. Know the options 

Most pregnant women’s greatest fear is a pain. That’s why it is important to make sure you know the options you can take to manage pain. It helps you to feel at ease when you are aware of how to handle it properly and eventually can take the worries away and make you stop being scared of giving birth. Do some research and you can find different birth positions which will make giving birth easy and smooth for you. Practice breathing and relax instead of stressing yourself which can make the process more difficult for you and your baby.

4. Ask your partner to accompany you.

No one could ever be with you more than your partner, most especially in your most-awaited day. Reassurances during giving birth can be given by the right people. Ask your partner to accompany you and it also helps both of you to have a birth plan that can make you feel safe and comfortable. 

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5. Attend classes.

Attending birthing classes can help you know and understand more what you’ll need to do in times of labor. Doing this will also give you ideas on what to expect when you deliver.

Classes about birthing and labor can help you become physically prepared for the delivery. If you are anxious or worried about what will happen to you during the birthing process, it is essential to enroll in birthing classes and labor training not just to condition your body and mind, but also to help you in getting back in shape after your bundle of joy arrives.

6. Seek the help of your healthcare provider.

Never keep your worries just for yourself. Examine your fear and try to process it before the birthing process. Share it with your healthcare provider and they will do the best they can to address it. Discuss your fears with your provider to make your pregnancy and birthing journey much easier and meaningful.

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To all tough mamas out there, we know you have been waiting for your big day but we also understand that you are scared of what will happen to you during the process. We hope that the tips above can make you stop being scared of giving birth. Always remember that no matter how much you fear, you are a mother and a mother gets through every challenge. Don’t hesitate to ask for support from the people around you and do whatever you can to bring your little one to this world safe and healthy.

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