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Support Your Wife: Tips for Dads During Labor

Support Your Wife: Tips for Dads During Labor

Hey, soon to be daddies out there! Is it your first time to be a father? Are you excited about the upcoming blessing that you are going to receive? Your babies are on their way to see you. Are you ready to help your wife overcome the pain and accompany her during your baby’s birth? To help you deal with your wife’s labor and delivery, here are the tips for dads during labor that you should keep in mind. 

· Go with your wife during her childbirth classes 

How to be a good labor coach? The best thing that you can do is to attend with her childbirth classes. In this way, you can learn different things that you can do when the delivery day comes. You need to be proactive. This addition to the tips for dads during labor can help you know the things that you need to expect during your wife’s labor. You need to remember daddy that your knowledge can be your power during her labor. Your support during labor and delivery is very important for every mother. 

· Help your wife to manage and record the time of her contractions 

Another addition to the tips for dads during labor is helping her wife to remember and record the time of her contractions. This labor tips for dad allows you to know the timing and the interval of her contractions. Since the mother can’t record the time on her own, this is now your responsibility. Keep in mind that when the contractions started to be more frequent like more or less five minutes, then it is the best time to go to the nearest hospital. 

· Know the best time to go to the hospital 

Knowing the right time to rush her to the hospital is one of the things dads need to know about labor. We know how excited you are to rush her in the hospital once she tells you that she is now having her contractions, but it is not advisable to rush her immediately. When the doctor found out that her contractions are not enough, then there is a higher chance that they will ask you to go back home. Knowing the best time to rush her to the hospital allows you to save time from making several trips. 

· Be her guide 

Be her best labor companion by being her guide. This is one of the best tips for dads during labor that you should keep in mind. Your social support during labor and delivery like reminding her about the right amount of fluid that she needs is significant. You have to ensure that she stays hydrated and she avoids eating heavy foods. Light and bland foods are the advisable foods that you can give her. Take note that even though many people can help her in the hospital, her husband’s support during labor is the most important thing for her. You can hold her hand or massage her to express your love for her. 

· Compliment her 

How to help a woman in labor? Praise her. Compliments and encouraging words during labor is vital in keeping their confidence and strength to go on with her situation. Your words of encouragement can make a big difference for her. Tell her how much you love her and how strong and courageous she is for delivering your life’s blessing. Keep on telling her that you are very proud of her. You also have to take note that if you stay calm, your wife can stay calm too. So if you are complimenting your wife, please say it in a quiet and calm way. Work together as a team! 

· Be her number 1 fan 

Being your wife’s number 1 fan can be the best advice for dads during labor. According to the studies, when a husband supports his wife during her labor, rest assured that it can reduce the pain that your wife is experiencing. Your presence is what makes it easy for your woman to overcome this situation.  

There you go! You have now the tips for dads during labor that you should keep in mind. Labor can be painful and intense, that’s why your presence is essential to show your significant other how much you love them and how proud you are of her. So, daddy, express your love and support for her through following these tips!  

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