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Motherhood and First Born: What to Wear in Labor?

Motherhood and First Born: What to Wear in Labor?

Is it your birth-month already? Are you excited to meet your child? Well, if you’re like many mothers-to-be, you might have packed your hospital bags already. You also packed those maternity clothes after delivery and few options of mommy gowns for yourself plus those must-have pregnancy products. Lastly, you probably have nursing bras, your toiletries, and a knitted hat as well. However, have you thought about what to wear in labor? Did you ever think about what to wear when giving birth at the hospital? 

Well, what you wear during delivery isn’t really important because the hospital will provide a labor gown for you to wear. In fact, what to wear after labor is more important than what to wear in labor. However, even if no one cares, you might wish to appear in something else during your delivery. You might enjoy making a decision and choosing your own clothes so here are some suggestions for what to wear in labor. 

What to wear in labor

A loose-fitting dress

If you want to wear a loose-fitting dress, it must be made out of breathable material like lightweight cotton or a poly blend that wicks away moisture. It must also give you easy accessibility to breastfeeding. Avoid maxi dresses because the extra fabric will get in your way. You can choose less expensive maternity dresses or nursing dresses. 

Your lucky shirt

You can make your lucky t-shirt as your birthing skirt or birthing gown. It might be more appropriate for you to wear when you deliver your baby into this world because it makes you feel lucky and brings back your happy memories. 


Bikinis are one of the perfect choices of what to wear in labor especially if you chose to do a water birth. Bikinis are often used by mothers-to-be on what to wear during water birth because they can slip off the bottoms quickly and easily. Many women find giving birth in water is soothing and it manages the pain. If you are quite shy, you won’t need to kick your relatives out when it’s time to breastfeed your baby because the top is also easy to push aside. 

A labor gown

If you want a dress but you don’t want to get anything in the way, labor gowns are made just for women who were giving birth. Pretty Pushers makes a lot of feminine dresses that were designed for convenience. The Pretty Pushers labor gown tie down the front of the dress so the nurse or midwife can monitor your baby’s vitals and he or she can lay down on your abdomen for skin-to-skin contact before cutting the cord. 

Hospital-issued labor gowns

Hospital labor gowns gave by the birth center or even any hospital are functional. Snaps make them easy to get on and off without needing to pull the gown over your head. They are loose for accessibility and you’ll be able to change into a fresh gown if you need to. 

Birthing wraps

Birthing wraps are wrap dresses that let you cover-up completely but still allow accessibility and freedom of movement among women who were about to give birth. Actually, there are a lot of designs, colors, patterns, and choices for birthing wraps. 

Your own gown

If you don’t want to wear any hospital gown, you can also buy your own gown. There are actually lots of best labor and delivery gowns that you can find from different merchant sites. Many sellers are selling labor gowns for women who are looking for what to wear in labor and in response to the demand from women who want to wear unique and special gowns for their delivery day. There are gowns that have halter ties to make skin-to-skin contact with your baby and make breastfeeding fast, easy and simple. 

Your own clothes

For some women, they are more comfortable to wear their own clothes when they are giving birth. It may be a comfortable old T-shirt or nightgown that provides them a sense of familiarity. However, always remember that childbirth can be messy and one advantage of wearing the hospital labor gowns is that it won’t be your problem if it’s ruined during your delivery. Also, if you choose to wear your own clothes, have something loose on top. There will be a lot of work below your waist so don’t wear pajama bottoms or a pair of shorts. You can choose to wear a pair of sports bra or nursing top under an oversized shirt or just a nursing bra alone. If you are having C-section, metal can cause burns because of the electrocautery instrument.

Considerations for your own clothes

If you are going to wear your own clothes, keep these things in mind. 

  • It must be washable. Do not wear something that can’t be washed or can be thrown out right away. 
  • Stay open. You must have easy access to your belly and genital area. You must wear something that allows for easy accessibility. 
  • Allow for movement. You must wear something that allows for movement and provides some coverage because you may end up walking the halls or moving during your delivery.
  • Show some skin. You must remember that skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby is important. If you’re breastfeeding, you won’t want to struggle with your clothes. 

So, what’s the best choice on what to wear in labor? The answer is, wear what makes you feel best and comfortable as long as you don’t mind getting it too dirty. If you’re uncomfortable or shy about wearing nothing, a labor and delivery gown can be perfect for you. If you just want to feel comfortable, go with your old shirt. Women who want to deliver their baby in the tub or shower can choose a bikini. Keep in mind that whatever you wear during your delivery may seem important now but it will also be a low priority since you have a lot of questions to ask before your baby is born. 

Whatever you choose to wear, you should be comfortable. Your top priority is still a safe delivery and to celebrate the joy of motherhood after it. Are you ready for it?

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