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Cute and Amazing Smurfy Toys for Toddlers

When your toddler has learned how to recognize people and slowly learning a lot of things, maybe it’s about time to give them comfort as your toddler will start responding with you and other people around them. Provide them the things they deserved, and one of these things they deserved is getting them toys. Toys will definitely delight and give smile on your baby’s face. 

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Toddlers spend more time awake and they are becoming very curious about their surroundings. They can walk and get stronger and able to make movements on their own. You as a parent must encourage your child the learning process by talking to them or responding to their vocal expressions. And when it comes to playing with toys, they easily get entertained and learn a lot with the appropriate toys you give them. One of the toys to introduce to your baby that is in demand in the market is the Smurfy toys for toddlers.  To know more about these toys, this article will give you the different smurfy toys that your child will surely love. 

Smurfy toys

Planning to get some Smurfy Toys for Toddlers? Check on these toys we have prepared for you. Learn about its uses and benefits for your child. 

1. Smurf with Present by Schlein

Get your toddlers these Smurf with Present figurines as it encourages your child to play and at the same time, learn a lot of things. There are a lot of tricks to play with these Smurfs. You can also let your child watch the movie Smurf first before introducing these as they easily get delighted with these kinds of toys.

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It comes with a great design and it was painted beautifully that when your toddlers are big enough to play with toys, you can have it as a display in your house or in your car. Jokey’s figurine shows that he enjoys giving gifts to other Smurfs, a gift that blows up in their faces when they get to open it. All the Smurfs have their figurines like, Smurfette, who happens to be the only female in town. Hefty, his figurine shows how strong he is as he is the strongest and the bravest Smurf in town, and Papa Smurf, the leader of the Smurfs. These Smurfy toys for toddlers will not only give them fun and excitement, but it will also give them learning as well. 

2. Smurfs and the Lost Village Deluxe Figure Toy Set of 14 with Figures and StickersFeaturing the Classic Smurfs and Many New Smurf Characters including BunnyBucky by The Lost Village

This Smurfs and the Lost Village Deluxe Figure Toy Set will excite your child especially if your child is a big Smurf fan. This fun set comes in 14 figures that include 12 Smurf character figures.

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It also comes with the new characters and 2 decorative stickers that your child can stick around the nursery. The set was nicely detailed in figures that are 1 to 2 inches tall and made of hard durable plastic. It features the characters, the old and the new and these toy Smurfs will delight the Smurf fans. This is nicely packed in a plastic and is neat for toddlers and even children from 4 years and up. This set of toys would surely make a great gift idea. 

3. Smurfs Movie Set 6 Action Figure by The Smurfs

Your toddler will be surprised to find out this Smurfs Movie Set 6 Action Figure that comes in a very nice and concealed display box. This will be very great and cool for collectors of toys. The set came in wonderful shape and will make a great addition to your baby’s Smurf collection. It is a nice set that will be a perfect gift for young ones and can also be a cake topper. It was hand-painted and that’s why it was painted very nicely and highly detailed. And since it was made small, it is good for collectibles and displays. 

4. Smurfs Smurfette, Stuffed Animals Plush Toy Cute Gift for Kids Backpack Clip 8″ byThe Smurfs

Our childhood would never be complete if we haven’t played with cute stuff toys. This Smurfs, Smurfette, Stuffed Animals Plush Toy Cute Gift for Kids Backpack Clip 8” is just perfect and safe for your toddler. It measures approximately 8 inches by 4. Don’t worry about your baby’s skin as this stuffed toy is made of a soft and high in quality fabrics.

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It is washable so if you happen to observe that it gets dirty already, you can just machine wash it. It comes with a plastic ring that can also be attached to backpacks or anywhere you want it to be. Lastly, it greatly serves as a wonderful gift for young ones, especially to those who are fans of Smurf. This is also cute for teenagers who love stuffed animals. 

5. Smurfs Stickers and Tattoos Party Favors Pack — 104 Stickers and 25 TemporaryTattoos (Smurf Party Supplies) by Smurf Party Supplies

If you are planning a Smurf themed party for your child, this Smurfs Stickers and Tattoos Party Pack favors many children. These are considered to be a child’s toy as well. It includes 25 Smurfs temporary tattoos, but don’t worry about the tattoos because it was made safe and temporary for children. These tattoos bring fun to children and it is easy to apply and remove.

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This is undeniably perfect for children’s party as it is great fun for costume accessories and decorations. 


When you become a parent, do not deprive your child of toys. They deserve to play as playing is a part of childhood. Toys are not only limited to fun and excitement, but it also brings happiness and learning especially if your child is starting to learn and curious about a lot of things around them. With the Smurfy toys for toddlers mentioned above, you now have the idea of what to get your child. Choose the best variety of toys and read carefully about what the toy is made up of. In the end, we only want our children to be happy, just make sure that that happiness will not cause him any harm.  

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