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Easy and Clever Tips for Giving Oral Medication to Babies

A parent must know that it’s very important to give the baby the right kind of medicine. Or else, it may not work and could put your baby at risk. So, here are some tips for giving oral medication to babies in the right way.


  • Always read medicine’s directions carefully to be sure that you’re treating your baby with the right dosage. 
  • Review the bottle or pack to ensure its within the use-by date.
  • The medicines must be in their original packaging. Transferring the medicine in another bottle or pouch could result in getting drunk or consumed by an accident.
  • Examine the packaging to check how the medicine should be kept. Some medications need to be stored in the freezer while others need to be placed in a cool, dry area and away from the direct sun. 
  • Always close the cap of the medicine after using and keep them safe. 
  • Keep the medicine away from the children and put in a somewhere secured place. A medicine cabinet with a lock would be perfect.


  • Don’t give your baby medicine that was prescribed for another baby.
  • Immediately throw all the medicines that are expired or flush down the toilet. 

How to give medicine to a baby who refuses?

Many baby medicines have a good smell and some babies drink it easily without any problems. 

However, some babies give you the hardest time. Cuddling your baby and reassuring when giving medicine can work magic, especially as you’re hands-on when administering the liquid medication.

How to give baby medicine syringe?

Most of the baby medicines are in the oral syringe type, making it easier for you to measure and give the right amount. If your baby often moves, you must ready your medicine first:

  • Don’t forget to wash your hands properly before you give medicine.
  • Always shake the baby medicine before using it unless stated otherwise. 
  • Take the cap of the bottle and replace it with a bottle adapter, if it has one.
  • Insert the point of the baby medicine syringe 1ml into the bottle adapter.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and remove the plunger. Fill the infant syringe until it reached the prescribed amount. 
  • Take the point of the infant syringe out of the adapter cautiously, so no medicine is lost.
  • Bring the top back on the bottle and sealed it well. 

When the medicine is prepared, and you’re medicating your baby:

  • Gently hold your baby straight in the crook of your upper arm. Put the end of the infant syringe in her or his mouth.
  • Target at the area between the inside of her cheeks and her gums as this will help stop her from vomiting.
  • Press the plunger slowly to squeeze small amounts to administer liquid medication to infants’ mouths.
  • Give time for your baby to swallow the medicine before continuing.
  • Give her usual milk or little amount of water after the medicine to wash the medicine.
  • When you’re finished giving oral medicine, take the oral syringe for babies and wash with warm, soapy water. Also, rinse it thoroughly in hot water. 

If baby throwing up from antibiotics, check with your pharmacist or GP to check if the medicine can be used in a likable flavor. But if it’s not, and your baby is already eating solids, ask if it can be mixed with her favorite food such as yogurt or jam. The sweetness can help conceal the true taste of the medicine.

How to give a baby medicine when they won’t take it? 

If the baby still doesn’t want to take the medicine, you need help and here are tips for giving oral medication to babies:

  • If she won’t open her mouth, you can gently open it for her. You can do this by pushing down her chin. Or by running your finger in her cheek and pushing down her lower jaw.
  • Cape your baby in a soft blanket, towel, or sheet, so you won’t be able to interrupt while you’re giving the meds. Ask your husband or your helper to carry the baby in a straight position on her lap.
  • Put the oral syringe for baby between her jaws. Squirt the medicine on the back of her tongue.
  • Make sure that she swallows the medicine. Your husband can recline a little to help the baby swallow. 
  • Encourage your baby and tell her: “Mommy is sorry to hold you for quite some time.” Hug her and give the milk she wants or asks.

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