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Names for Babies That Has Storm Meaning

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Names for Babies That Has Storm Meaning

After the mother gave birth to her child, it is always a decision to make on what to name the baby. It is always the duty of most parents to name their newborn baby in whatever name they both have decided. Sometimes they consider names from different variations, just like vintage names, modern names, classic names or names of celebrities they always admire. It’s quite hard but it’s fun to choose a name for your baby girl or a baby boy. But what if the parents chose to have a name that means storm? It’s kind of weird right?

You might find some names very unfamiliar and peculiar sometimes and some might think that baby names with storm meaning are odd. That is why in this article, we will discuss a lot of names for the babies with a storm meaning behind it. This article will give the soon-to-be parents tips and ideas on considering baby names with storm meaning. Who knows they come up with a very good variation of name with a very beautiful meaning?

Considering Baby Names With Storm Meaning

Whether we like it or not, names with a weather name do really affect our state of mind. When we watch the news about the weather, you observed that a storm actually has a name. Experts would have directed weather meanings in it in connection with the weather. And sometimes, though it seems very odd and unusual, most soon-to-be parents are inspired to have storm names options for their coming baby. Even if the meaning of Storm is actually violent weather.

The first thing that parents should know when it comes to considering Storm for their baby’s name is that it is mostly a unisex name, used as a boy name or a girl name. The storm is of an English origin and is commonly used mostly in English speaking countries. The special meaning of the storm names should be considered when naming the babies as it will play a big role in the baby’s life because it will be heard every day.

People with Storm names tend to be powerful. When babies are named after a storm, some say that they are strong in the sense that, they are capable of doing something. They are also expected to be very charismatic when it comes to leading big endeavors with great success. They have an attitude that values truth, discipline, and justice. And if the time comes that they fail, they rise again and never give up.

Weather Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Want to name your little baby girl after a storm? Here are the best names for your baby girl along with its beautiful meanings.

  • Alizeh: It is a lovely Persian name which means ‘wind’. It can relate to a storm since the storm has strong winds in it.
  • Anemone: It is an English name that comes from the word ‘aureole’. It means ‘Breeze’ or ‘Wind’.
  • Amaya: This is a Spanish version of the name Amaia and this name is very popular in the United States because of its similarity to Maya. It is also related to a show on Philippine television.
  • Wendy: This name can also be considered as a meaning of the wind for baby girls. This name is a very famous character in the Peter Pan TV show.  
  • Audra: This name simply means ‘Storm’. This name is famous in Scotland as a similarity of Audrey.
  • Breeze: It is a beautiful word that is referring to the soft sound of the wind. And can be related to storm since storm at first is experiencing cool breeze before it actually strikes.
  • Indra: It is a Sanskrit name which means ‘possessing drops of rain’. Indra is the warrior goddess of rain which embraces the storm.
  • Aella: It is a Latin variant Aello, a Greek name. It means ‘storm wind of whirlwind.
  • Rainbow: Known to be a semi-circle that has seven different colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Rainbow will actually show itself after heavy rain or a storm.  
  • Mistral: It is also known as Le Mistral. It is a cold and strong wind soaked over the Alps across the Mediterranean Sea.

Weather inspired baby names for boys

  • Hanish: It is a literary name which means, ‘the one who forewarns storms.’
  • Rai: It considered to be an intriguing name which simply means storm.
  • Thor: It is a comic character who is known to be a hero. He is known to be the God of Thunder, Storm, and Strength. If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is one of the characters that has invaded the big screen all over the world.
  • Storm: Well, the name itself shows the meaning. This name is actually a straightforward name for boys.
  • Adad: It is the name of the Assyrian-Babylonian god of storm and thunder. The meaning of thunder often comes along with a storm.
  • Tal: It is a sweet and quick Hebrew name which means a ‘dew or rain’. This name is best since you don’t have to make it shorter for a nickname.
  • Gale: It refers to a sea storm that would make an agreeable name for baby boys.
  • Raiden: It means thunder and lightning which accompanies a heavy rainfall.
  • Hadad: It is a Syrian name of the God of the rain and storms. Its literal meaning is ‘thunder’

Wrapping up

As parents, when considering names for your little one, always keep in mind that names have different meanings. Storm names could be an option for you, but not for everybody. Always be careful to choose a name that is pleasant to hear with good meanings. Search broadly and know the meaning of the Storm as your child will be bringing this name for the rest of his life.

Take note of the spelling and pronunciation. Make sure it is easy to say and will not cause your child trouble one day. Always bear in mind that the name you will give your baby will never reflect his or her personality at all times. It is how the child is being raised by his or her parents. No matter how beautiful and meaningful is the name of your child, if he or she isn’t raised well, that name will never have an impact at all.

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