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First Pediatrician Visit: What are the Things You Need to Bring?

First Pediatrician Visit: What are the Things You Need to Bring?

Parenting is a difficult task especially with first-time parents and one of the top priorities of parents is to keep their newborn healthy and free from any disease. That is why the first check-up after the baby is born is really important because the newborn first check-up has the most important things you need to remember for your growing baby. 

Your newborn will probably be three to five days-old for the first check-up-this will be the first check-up after your baby is born.  After some time, you will have your newborn first doctor appointment which is also with your pediatrician but this is done on your pediatrician’s clinic already. Your newborn check-up schedule will be depending on your pediatrician so you must find a pediatrician right away before your baby arrive. Well, there are things to consider when choosing your doctor like the distance from your house, the clinic hours, and recommendations from your friends and family.  

When to schedule the first pediatrician visit? Well, it will probably be after a month or earlier for your baby. It may be tiring and exhausting to think of the things to bring to your first pediatrician visit so we listed down some of those things.

Things to Bring to Your First Pediatrician Visit

A list of your concerns

Have you been searching for what’s normal or not for your newborn? Well, we suggest having a list and prepare your newborn first doctor visit questions and bring them with you when you go to your baby’s first check-up. The first pediatrician appointment questions are a must-have among the things to bring to your first pediatrician visit. No questions are weird and silly for your newborn. You can ask anything you want like feeding, pooping, breathing, sleeping or whatever it is that is worrying you. It is more convenient to not rely on your memory alone and have a list of your concerns.

Baby Essentials

You must remember to pack your baby essentials but remember to pack light as well. You need to pack the things needed to feed, dress and calm your baby. Some of the things to bring to your first pediatrician visit can be a bottle, a nursing cover-up, a baby blanket, extra clothes of your baby, pacifier, and diapering supplies. Of course, you don’t have to bring your baby’s toys, books, or even piles of blankets. You can have only a thing that can calm your baby when he or she is having tantrums. It is a must to bring only what’s really important for your first appointment. 

Your current insurance information

We know that baby doctor visits cost are quite surprising along with the vitamins and medicines your doctor asked you to buy for your baby. So, your current insurance info is also a must-have for the things to bring to your first pediatrician visit even if you already gave this to your doctor. Bring it because it’s common to be asked for it again every visit. 

Hospital Babybook or Paperwork

Your baby’s hospital baby-book or paperwork that contains all the information will help you eliminate a lot of questions that you need to ask. This packet will help us know if there were no concerns during your pregnancy or delivery wherein your baby doesn’t have the symptoms of jaundice, he or she passed the baby screening and more. You can also bring your chart of every feed, every wet and dirty diaper if you have. 

A buddy

Last among the things to bring to your first pediatrician visit is a buddy. You don’t have to go alone and it is really a good idea to bring another adult to help you with your baby. During an appointment, you might be waiting for your turn and it can be tiring, boring or exhausting. You also need to calm your baby if it’s your turn to ask questions so having an extra set of hands and a person to ask for help will be easier for you. 

Baby check-ups after birth are important. You must always remember these things to bring to your first pediatrician visit to keep you handy. 

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