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Checklist for Parents: Golden Parenting Rules

Checklist for Parents: Golden Parenting Rules

Good parenting is one of the parents’ responsibilities towards their children.  But what can be your guide? Here are the golden parenting rules.

Rules in parenting

Parenting skills can be developed for it to be good and effective. Read on some good parenting traits to follow.

Be a good role model.

This is the primary good parenting trait. Children’s first role models and teachers are their parents. Always think that your kids are watching and imitating you so whatever you do matters. You don’t just tell your kids what to do, you have to show it to them. If you want your kids to learn good manners, learn to do it first, especially if they are around. If you want them to pick up good values and virtues, let them see it first from you. Children can be reflections of their parents. So be watchful of what you do as your kids will follow.

Spend time with kids.

It is a reality that life gets too busy at times. But no matter how busy a parent or a kid’s life, it is a must spend time together.  Being there for your kids is an expression of love and care. It shows that they matter and they are important as you allot time to be with them. No matter how old or young are they, take time to play, eat, laugh, chat, plan and do many other things together. These are moments you and your children will cherish for the rest of your lives. Communication is always the key and being together is one way to maintain that open line of communication. These times can also be used by parents to instill good values to their children. 

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Always be involved in your kids’ life. This may mean adjusting your priorities or doing sweet sacrifices to be there always for your kids. And being there doesn’t only mean being physically present but emotionally, mentally and spiritually caring for them too. 

Show your love.

Love, when expressed properly will never harm or spoil your children. Others mistook love for

material favors, overprotection, and leniency that may lead kids to become spoiled. There are so many ways to teach and express love to children. Acts of love like hugs released feel-good hormones the make parents and children feel warmth and contentment. This nurtures a closer relationship between them. Studies conclude that kids need 12 hugs a day! That’s a lot of cuddling to do!

Always remember that the more your child feels loved, the more they will trust and follow you. They will also give that love back to you and they will learn to love themselves and other people too.

Don’tbreak promises.

Keep your promises to your children. This is one of the good parenting tips. This will teach them responsibility and proficiency. Never say things that you cannot fulfill. Saying things that you never do will make your kids lose their confidence in you. They might not listen to you or will not take you seriously next time. If you tried but failed, apologize to the kids and promise not to do it again. This will teach them another value – to try their best to be true to their words and to apologize when they failed the expectations. Kids will also learn to face the consequences of their actions. As we have mentioned, kids learn from their parents as their role models.

Avoid harsh punishments.

Experts believe that spanking has negative impacts on a child’s development. There are kind but firm disciplines which parents can apply. Too heavy punishments, whether physical or emotional may impact and affect a child’s behavior. Truly, kids can be naughty and uncontrollable at times but parents should not lose their temper and avoid hitting their children too much. It may lead to adverse psychological effects later in life. They are likely to become bullies and resort to violence when they are angry. This can also create bitter memories.  Harsh punishments can make short term compliance but it can also lead kids to just avoid being caught when they have done something bad to avoid punishment.

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It is better to set rules for children and make them understand why these rules are important and need to be followed. Be consistent with your parental rules for children to follow. Unpredictable rules can make kids deny their fault and blame others for their erroneous behavior. If bad behavior is left unmanaged while a kid is young, it is much harder to correct it when he is older and he gets used to doing it.


We all want to be the best parents for our children. That is why it is important to choose a good and effective parenting style that is applicable to both kids and parents. We all want the best for our kids and we want them to be molded with proper values and positive traits as they grow. These golden rules on parenting can guide parents to treat their kids with the love and respect that they deserved.  Always remember that your kids will reflect on what kind of parents you are. 

Always do our best to be better parents. Although parenting is a challenging task, it offers a great reward and sense of accomplishment to parents once you know that you succeed

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