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Ideal Names to Substitute for Edward

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If you have been considering the name Edward, it might be time to check out other ideal names to substitute for Edward. Depending on where you live, you might have heard that the name has been overused. The best way to make sure that your child stands out from the crowd is by choosing other suitable alternatives.

Recommended names to substitute for edward

Let us now take a close look at some of the recommended names to substitute for Edward that are worth considering.


One of the recommended names to substitute for Edward is Eamon. This is ideal for a boy with Irish origin which stands for “wealthy protector”.

This name is one of the traditional Irish names that has not yet been recognized in the United States. The name is pronounced as “ay-mon” and was later made popular by the early president of the independent republic Eamon de Valera, who was born in the United States to an Irish mother and a Cuban father.

Eamon was considered as a successor to the widely popular Aidan/Aiden. It was believed to be an older generation’s name in Ireland but offers a fresh option in other parts of the world. Additionally, the original spelling of the name is Eamonn.


This is a boy’s name of English origin which stands for “fortunate protector”. It is also one of the suitable names to substitute for Edward for your upcoming bundle of joy.

Edmund is a sophisticated option and its almost-identical French twin “Edmond” made it back in the mainstream after Edward which was inspired by Twilight gained popularity. It is a good choice if you want to divert from the widely popular Edward.

The name reached its peak of popularity in the United States back in 1914 where it ranked #130. It has not appeared on the list since 1997, making it even more attractive as an uncommon alternative to Edward as well as one of the unique boy names worth considering.


Eduardo is one of the fitting baby boy names of Spanish origin that is worth considering for an upcoming baby boy.

This is considered as a stalwart of Latin nomenclature that might work ideally for Anglos.


A unique alternative to Edward that is worth considering is Frederic which stands for “peaceful ruler”

Without the addition of “k” in the name, it makes it more user-friendly as a classic name for boys. Frederic is more streamlined and also provides a hint on the name’s status as a French variety of the Germanic Frederick. Either way, this can be considered as an enduring classic that is worth checking out for an elegant name for a boy.


The name Hugh has German/English/Irish origin which stands for “mind, intellect”.

Hugh is considered patrician to the core and was able to establish itself in the Top 100 list until 1903. At present, it is infrequently used, though the name still remains in the Top 1000 list.

The name is quite popular among the Irish – there have been 20 Irish Saint Hugh. It is also traditionally linked with the O’Donnell clan.

One of the main drawbacks of the name is its sound which is barely more than an exhaled breath.


The name Julian has English/Latin origin which stands for “youthful, downy”.

The name was derived from “Julianus” which came from Julius, a Roman family name for “joulos”, a Greek term that stands for “downy-bearded”.

Julian is considered as a rising star that was able to overcome the pale, aesthetic image that it has projected in the past. At present, it became a solid, handsome and one of the recommended names to substitute for Edward that is worth considering that is included in the Top 50 list of baby names. Aside from being included in the Top 50 in the United States, the name is gaining acceptance in other countries including Austria, Netherlands, and Sweden.

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