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The Meaning of the Name Eduardo

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You want your child to have one of the best names in the world. You can name him or her after your late grandmother of great grandfather. Usually, families have a tradition of putting names together with one another. Like for instance, you and your husband will pair both of your names and come into something like a classic name for your baby boy or something like the most bizarre celebrity names baby names. Name is one kind of approach to know someone’s identity and personality. And with that, we also tend to create nicknames for such names. 

Maybe you have considered a lot of things naming your baby and you may have already found so many meanings attached to it. You may combine all these meanings and put them into one ideal name. Well, for some point. That can be possible. You may find some Jose meaning names, Carlos name meaning, maria name meaning for your precious little girl, eddy name meaning or even lalo name meaning. Know that every name is unique and it has different kinds and types of explanation. Just like the name Eduardo. 

Sure it is that the meaning of the name Eduardo has a lot of in-stores for it. Some may find the meaning of the name Eddie, which can also be perhaps Eduardo. (if you might consider things). Names like Eduardo are kind of a bit manly and might be considered as one of the royal baby names. You may be not wrong at all because there are also Late Kings who have been recognized as Eduard. Eduardo or Edward. 

To give you a clue and a hint, we have some information that you might have wanted to know about the name Eduardo. What does the name Eduardo mean? Where did it come from? And eventually, what possible names that go with Eduardo. 

The meaning of the Name Eduardo 

Well, the name Eduardo is a baby boy name. There could be a lot of explanation with the name Eduardo which you can find on the internet. In Italian, Eduardo means a rich guardian or wealthy guardian. On Portuguese, Spanish, and American, the meaning of Eduardo’s name is Prosperous guardian. Much like the same with the Italian but in a different version. The English baby name meaning of Eduardo is also the same as the Italian meaning. Eduardo means a wealthy guardian. Well, you might be considering this name as one of the bilingual baby names!

Origin of the Name Eduardo

The meaning of the name Eduardo came from the Old English name Eadward, which means happy or rich guardian. As we have mentioned above, royalty blood has acquired this kind of name. For example, King Edward the elder son of Alfred the Great. And so forth. 

More about the meaning of the name Eduardo 

Urban dictionary defies that Eduardo is a muscular man. He is defined as a man that never gives up and he is a quiet and sweet person. Well, so much for Eduardo! Your hunky guy but a royal highness whom you should praise!


It is actually up to you if you are going to name your baby boy right after the name Eduardo. Surely, this name can bring a lot of crying ladies not only to his room but on your lawn. If you want your child to bare the truth of protection and a guardian being wealthy at the same time. Then you should consider naming him after Eduardo. Or even Edward. We may just have thought that Eduardo comes along with the name Chelsea. What do you think? Are we right? At times, try pairing the Eduardo name too with some warrior names for boys!

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