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Eight Empowering Presidential Names for Your Future Leaders

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Are you a history buff? Well, some parents derived their babies’ names from a lot of things. They found a lot of inspiration for their babies’ names like sporty names for their future champion, jewel and gemstone-inspired names or even metal and mineral names. There are also parents especially history buffs that give their babies’ names from politics. If your baby boy or baby girl is visioned as a future leader, why don’t you give him or her a presidential name? 

Presidential names for babies are often derived from mostly U.S. presidents’ last names like Lincoln and Kennedy which became more popular for baby boys nowadays. By these presidential names for babies, you can show your love for your country or give your baby a legacy by naming him after a great leader. 

Presidential names list for your baby

From different inspirations for your baby names, a lot of presidential surnames have been famous and stylish first names for babies. Even though parents don’t think of the U.S. presidents while choosing their babies’ names, it is still undeniable that the last names of these world leaders appear as the babies’ first names. Well, let us look at these presidential names for your babies. 


A name that is less popular than the names Jason and Jeffrey, Jefferson is the perfect choice for you. It is inspired by the chief author of the Declaration of Independence as well as Thomas Jefferson. The name Jefferson has a cute nickname, Jeff, that also suits your future leader. 


The name Madison ranks at the Top 10 in the recent names list. It can be a name for your baby boy or a cute name for your baby girl. This name was not used until the year 1985 when Daryl Hannah’s mermaid character was named Madison in the movie Splash. 


Third from the list of presidential names for babies is the name, Harrison. The late president William Henry Harrison and his grandson Benjamin Harrison bears this name which gives your baby boy a double presidential power. Meanwhile, this name is also the name of one of the most popular actor, Harrison Ford. Harrison can have a cool nickname, Harry-thanks to Prince Harry!


The name Rutherford rose into popularity during Rutherford B. Hayes’ presidency. It was a cool presidential name that has been rarely at the charts nowadays. It can have a nickname, Ford, that is perfect for your future leader as well. 


Monroe is a Scottish name that fits a baby boy or a baby girl and it means “mouth of the Roe river”. This name is one of the old presidential names for babies that have a similar power to Jackson, Tyler, and Taylor. However, the name Monroe has been more popular for girls nowadays because of the immortal beauty of Marilyn Monroe which Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon also chose for their twin daughter. 


Taylor is a unisex name of English origin that means “tailor” which is an occupation. This name has been used for boys but it became more popular for girls. It has been at the top 10 for several years of the 20th century. Taylor Swift has been keeping it in the spotlight. The name Tayor is similar but more stylish with the names Sawyer, Sayer, and Cooper. Taylor has also been the names of Garth Brooks and Bryan Cranston’s daughters. 


The name Lincoln has been in the Top 1,000 names for several years, passing through a century already. It has climbed the charts for the last decade and one of the presidential namesakes of this name was Abraham Lincoln. It is a perfect name for your baby boy that can have the nicknames Linc or Link.


Hayes is a gender-neutral name that means “hedged area”. With a presidential pedigree, the name Hayes was chosen by Kevin Costner and Jessica Alba for their sons. This name also goes along with famous names like Harry and Edward for boys and feminine names like Hazel that gives a soft sound. 

Last note

Given most of these names are from the former presidents’ surnames, it has been popular for parents to give these names to empower their babies and pay tribute to the U.S. presidents. 

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