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Is Brown Discharge While Pregnancy Normal?

We may have a lot of experiences during our pregnancy and each of that kind of scenario has a different kind of experience. For instance, some complications need to be addressed instantly and need to consult with your doctor. You may notice that you are having some discharges and this may alarm you for some reason. In some cases, they start asking when to worry about discharge during pregnancy. Probably, that’s normal and not even a big deal after all. 

Of course, not everyone is knowledgable enough with this kind of matter and so they need to learn something from it. Like you, as you may be a concern too when you have experienced this kind of thing. So, we would be glad to enlighten and clear things with you for you not to panic (in case you’re having one). We hope that you will learn something from us and even try to follow the steps and know what to do in the last two weeks of your pregnancy before delivery!

Discharge during pregnancy

Leukorrhea is a healthy vaginal discharge. It is defined as a thin and clear white with only mild odor emitting from your reproductive part. It is just normal to have these vaginal discharges while you are pregnant or still having some discharge before period. This discharge varies from time to time and merely changes every cycle of a woman. 

You may notice when you’re pregnant that your vaginal discharge is getting heavier and heavier through the final weeks of your pregnancy and might have some pink discharge during pregnancy or having some pink mucus plug too. This kind of mucus signals you and your body that is nearly preparing for labor. Now, these are some of the possible things that you might not know before but what if you have discharged a brown one? Knowing the brown discharge (before you became pregnant) means old blood from your last menstruation. But what does it meanwhile having it during pregnancy? 

Brown discharge while pregnant

As many knows, brown discharge can be a sign of early pregnancy. Most of the females have encountered this kind of thing and when they have taken a pregnancy test the result became positive. Generally speaking brown discharge during pregnancy shouldn’t be a real concern and a big deal for you and your baby. There is nothing to worry about and bother about. In the shortest term we could ever convey the scenario, brown discharge during pregnancy is completely harmless. 

The truth lies with the answer of irritation. Woman increases their hormones and the flow of blood during pregnancy which makes the cervix very sensitive. Having sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate it. With that case, Pictures of spotting during pregnancy or brown discharge is being present. As what we have said and mentioned above, brown discharge can be a sign that your delivery and labor might soon to come even closer than you have expected. On the contrary, other women may have been quite scared because it might be a sign of miscarriage outcomes or worse But like what we have said, there is nothing serious to worry about when you have a brown discharge

In conclusion

Whether you experience brown discharge or not, if you’re feeling quite uncomfortable with what you’re experiencing. Trying some pregnancy calculator online won’t help, so don’t even bother to try. The most important thing is to not hesitate, doubt and think twice to call your doctor’s attention. Set an appointment immediately because you might not know some underlying factors are hiding beneath those complications. Should you be worried about vaginal discharge? Not. However, just keep posted with your doctor to keep you updated on the spot! Pregnancy is not easy and so as if you feel some symptoms that are quite alarming too. Postpartum Survival Kit is a must thing to have to manage and control the pain after the pregnancy. 

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