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Know About What to Expect When Having Your Baby at the Hospital

Your baby’s arrival in this world should be planned accordingly, so having to prepare for everything should come first in your priorities. Almost 97% of births happen in the hospital, so basically you would want to expect everything before giving birth. Though every birth is different from the others, it is important to be prepared when that time arrives.

Baby in the Hospital

Is it your first time to give birth? Do you know what to expect when having your baby at the hospital already? This article will give you a guideline of the possible happenings that will occur in the hospital. 

Inspect the hospital 

It is important to check the quality of the hospital you want to check-in, as this will be your home for a few days or even weeks. It is a valuable idea to have the place checked with all the amenities and sanitary inspections. As the cleanliness will affect whatever your baby gets in to.

Prepare for everything

Whenever your due date is near, it is important to have a hospital bag for everything you need before checking into the hospital. It is important to have all the things inside the bag because you might know when are you giving birth. Never forget the important ones, such as a pillow, credit card, phone, and cash.

Checking in

Chances are, you’ll be in your labor when you arrive at the hospital. So, expect for hospital nurse and doctor and staff members are ready for this and will check you immediately the moment you arrive. Usually, staff members will ask for your identity, but in some cases wherein you are in pain, your husband will take care of this. And once you are checked in, someone will assist you in the delivery room where you will give birth.

Triage room

This will be your next stop once you’ve checked in. The staff of the hospital will immediately have your tummy connected to a monitoring device. Medical staff will also check and monitor your contractions to see how distant they are and to check if your cervix dilation. 

The labor and delivery room

This will be the place where you’ll spend most of your time in labor, depending on your status, this will be the place wherein they would want you to be resting, get relaxed while your contractions are getting closer and closer.

What ensues in the delivery room?

Most likely you’ll be giving birth in this room. This only depends if you are going for normal delivery. Once the dilation comes into 10 centimeters, your OBGYN or the OBGYN of the hospital will take control and assist you with your delivery.     

What happens after giving birth?

Then they arrived! Once you’ve successfully delivered, your OBGYN or the staff nurse will immediately place your little one on your chest. And after that, they’ll weigh and gather up all the information from your baby. Doctors and nurses usually look at the appearance, heart rate, muscle activity and respiration onwards.

What transpires in the recovery room?

Once all things are sorted up with your baby and things are well with your baby. Your next stop would be the recovery room. This room will be your home for a few days to recover and rest. This is also the time for the hospital and doctors to monitor your child. 

Leaving hospital after birth

After a few days of getting enough rest and fully recovered, this will be the time to check out and head home. You need to ensure that your baby is free from any complications before discharging to the hospital. 


It is always important to know what to expect when having your baby at the Hospital as this will play a vital role in having smooth sailing labor and delivery. This is the only start of your parenthood and we wish everything but the best on your journey ahead!

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