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Know More About Pregnancy Trackers

Know More About Pregnancy Trackers

Nowadays, technology is really the thing for everybody. It’s amazing how everyone’s life is changing through technology. People live a convenient life already because according to them, technology makes our lives easier. And yes, we really can’t deny that. The same is correct when it comes to pregnant women. These days, pregnancy tracking applications are very useful to them. Due to the improvements in applications, they can just easily track down their baby’s growth over time.

Want to know when to feel your baby’s first kick without falling in line to your doctor’s clinic? Or do you want to know regularly about the developments of your baby inside your tummy? This article is actually the best for you. If you are a techy pregnant woman, this article will give you lists of the top popular applications to download. This will give you the knowledge and a clearer understanding of how your baby develops inside your tummy and what can you expect to happen with you.

What is a Pregnancy Tracker?

Having a baby is the best feeling. The moment you realize that you’re pregnant changes everything. From fighting morning sickness to making appointments with your doctor to remembering your scheduled prenatal vitamins, and tracking the developments of your baby — you know there’s so much to remember.

Good thing was, pregnancy apps were launched by the Healthline. With the vast innovations and to the increasing population of gadgets users all over the world, they have decided to put up quality and reliable online pregnancy tracker. Many users have testified to find it helpful during their amazing journey. Here are the lists of the top apps with excellent reviews from the users, these are:

The bump

This all-inclusive app has everything soon to be parents could want. The app features everyday pregnancy and baby articles, there is also a photo album to document your growing belly and real-time answers to all your questions.

What to expect

This app is designed to guide you day by day and week by week. You can start tracking your baby’s growth when you plug in your baby’s due date or by the use of the app’s due date calculator. Other features like helpful articles, updates on your baby’s development and latest parenting news are included.

Pregnancy Tracker

This app has a baby development calendar countdown to your baby’s due date features and pregnancy tracker. It also has beneficial pregnancy guidelines and fetus progress videos for every phase of pregnancy. It also includes day-to-day pregnancy newsfeed, food and diet ideas, weekly agendas and reminders, some exercise instructions, baby kick encounter and many more.

Pregnancy Assistance App

It is just a simple app that deals with comprehensive information about the development of the fetus inside your tummy. To track the baby’s growing length and weight, pictures and mesmerizing details of your baby’s growth, just simply plug in the date of your last menstrual period. There is also a notes section where you can easily jot down reminders.

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker

This application actually shows thorough insights into the development of the baby. It also has lots of groups and forums and a time-lapse that would let you chart your baby bump as it grows.

With these popular apps, you can easily track your baby’s development and stay informed of what’s actually happening during the weeks and also trimesters of pregnancy. Of course, visiting your doctors should also be prioritized. They are the ones who give you accurate and reliable updates of the little angel inside your tummy.

Are Pregnancy Tracker Apps Reliable?

For pregnant women nowadays, baby tracker phone applications can be super helpful in monitoring the baby’s growth and changes. We know for sure that when a woman is pregnant, she probably has a lot of questions in her mind and she can easily get the answers through pregnancy tracker applications, which is downloadable. But, you can’t just simply rely on these apps, either. However, there is nothing wrong with using these apps. This can just merely be an option between visits to your doctor. It is good that you are resourceful because pregnancy apps can add-on information that your doctor gave you.

Always remember that despite using these apps for convenience, let us take into consideration that it is always best to talk to a professional rather than relying on a gadget’s info. How can you say things and ask advice if only you’ll be facing an app? Online pregnancy tracker isn’t illegal nor discouraged by medical practitioners. Just know when it’s time to visit your doctor, not to the extent of just relying on everything to the applications.

Final words

No matter how much provision and care you have from your partner, pregnancy can really be frightening and overwhelming. Pregnancy tracker online applications aim to make it easier for most pregnant women to handle with plenty of information. These apps will also help you remember, keep track of, and prepare yourself before you deliver your baby. In short, this kind of technology aims to make pregnancy a little bit easier to handle.

But we must always remember that these apps can never be as reliant as the minds of the doctors. We should always seek the advice of our doctors. With them, you can share what you feel with your body. You can easily point out the portion of your body that causes pain. You can also conduct a series of ultrasound and scanning by just merely going to the clinic. So it’s safer to say that doctors are actually the best trackers we could ever have for our pregnancy. These pregnancy tracker apps are merely designed for second opinions and general answers. It may be reliable but nothing is as reliable as the advice we get from the doctors. In the end, what we all want, are the protection and the safety of the baby inside us. It all depends on the lifestyle of a soon to be mother. Mothers should always keep track of their health first and the baby will follow.

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