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List of Boy Names Which Means “Gift” from Biblical, Greek and Hebrew

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Having a name is as important as your existence. Your name gives a connection to your identity and individuality. Learning and knowing the person’s name can guide us to properly address them and can help us show respect to them. Knowing a person’s name will make them feel comfortable and somehow connected to you. For pregnant women, naming their baby inside their tummy is as exciting as waiting for the big day. Sometimes, babies inside as early as 1 ½ month old respond after their hearing starts to develop as they hear their name. So while waiting for your little boy to come out you might consider making a list of boy names which means “gift” from biblical, Greek and Hebrew.

The Importance of having a name

When you were born, you were given an identity through your name to differentiate you from other people. The name plays a vital role in socialization. When you meet someone, they first ask you about your name before getting other details from you. Sometimes names become famous if it is associated with big personalities. Some parents name their babies after some popular celebrities, athletes, politicians and etc. Other choices could be names that are unique, adorable, the ones having meanings, or can also be biblical. So here are some list of boy names which means “gift” from biblical, Greek and Hebrew that you can give to your baby”

Biblical boy names 

Having a baby is like having the most precious gift in the world. As one of the most famous verses about children in the bible says, “children are a gift from God, they are a reward from Him.” (Psalms 127:3). Through this, coming up with the idea of giving bible boy names that means gift initially came from. So, here are some names from the bible you should put on your list of choices when naming your little boy. 


This name is an English form that came from Hebrew roots (Mattityahu) meaning “gift of YAHWEH” which also means “gift of God” in English. Matthew is also known as “Levi” and among the 12 disciples of Jesus.


Matthias is the Greek origin of the biblical name Matthew which means “gift of God”.

Greek boy names that mean the gift


The name Darion is a Greek word commonly associated with gift and peak (mountain as of peak of Darien) Darion name meaning is “gift”.


You may hear some rare meaningful names such as Eledoro on other people, but having this fascinating boy name from Greek and Spanish origin which means “gift from the sun” might ring a bell.


You might consider naming your boy with powerful boy names such as Theodore. This name originates from the Greek name Theodores (“theos” means God and “doron” as gift), which means God’s gift.


Ze-noh as how this boy’s name is pronounced derived from the name of the famous Greek God “Zues” which means “gift of Zeus”.

Boy names in Hebrew meaning gift


One of the cute and elegant baby boy names you can give your child is the name    Doron. This means “gift from God”. Another name having the same meaning related to Doron is “Shai” which is a  Hebrew name and Aramaic root and “Matan”.


A number of times that the name Zebediah or Zebadiah is also found in the Old Testament and in the book of the New Testament as the father of James and John the apostles. The name Zebediah means “gift of Jehovah”.


Some parents give powerful boy names or popular baby names to their babies. Others give boy names with the meaning of love. The name “Sachar” which came from Greek and Indian roots are also known to some notable persons especially in India. This name means “reward”.

Final words:  

Parents choose names for their baby that is sometimes most uncommon and unusual to others. This gives a person uniqueness and helps them for easy identification. Names may have meaning or just a combination of the names of their family members but one thing is for sure, your name doesn’t modify the person that you are, what you want to do and what you want to become. 

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