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Beautiful Unisex French Names for Your Little Prince and Princess

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Beautiful Unisex French Names for Your Little Prince and Princess

Is your baby born in France? Well, we all know that France is a beautiful country and the home of the ever famous Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, France is known for its beautiful sights, food, wine, and rich culture. France is known as the City of Lights and Love which is really captivating and a must-have at every person’s bucket list.  

Given that your baby is born in France, you might think that you need to give him or her one of the beautiful French girl names or French boy names. France is also known for its elegant and romantic language that can be a perfect inspiration for your baby’s name. However, gender-neutral names are also being famous nowadays. So, why don’t you try unisex French names for your newborn baby?

Naming your little one, you may look over different sites to choose some names and list down the most popular French names. Meanwhile, some parents might want to give their little prince or princess one of the unique unisex names they can find. However, having a unisex name can also be confusing. There are people who might take your baby girl a boy by mistake or vice versa.  

Thus, if you really want a unisex name for your baby girl or baby boy, here is a list of some beautiful unisex French names and their meanings.

Unisex French names


The name Gabriel is one of the most popular unisex French names and even English names for both boys and girls. Gabriel also has a Biblical meaning that’s why it is considered as a Bible name that is “God is my strength”.


Jules stays one of the most popular french boy names 2018 but now, it is considered as one of the unisex French names that means “youthful”. People with this name tend to have a fun side and they are simple and calm. 


Amelot is a unisex name that means “Arthur’s Castle”.


Alvia is one of the unique French girl names back then but now, it is one of the unisex French names considered by many. The name Alvia means “Noble war” and people with this name tend to be sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive which attracts people.


Jade is a green gemstone and is a pet form of the name Jadon. In Hebrew, Jade means “thankful”.


Auberi is a unisex name which means “Rule of an Elf”. People with this name tend to be kind-hearted and powerful. 


A unisex name that means “jewel”.


Celestine was one of the pretty French girl names and old French girl names back then but now, it is one of the unisex names. This name is based on the Caelestis and means “a heavenly person”.


Cezanne is a unisex French name and is the name of an artist who is seeking freedom. 


Darell is a word for huckleberry which is used as a gender-neutral name as well. This name also means “beloved”.


Dejah is a name for a fun-loving person and it also means “a pleasant one”.


Dior is a name that means “golden” or “one who has an open heart”.


Domenique is a name that means “someone who is unique and special”.


Georgette is now one of the famous unisex baby names with the meaning “the person who works with soil, seeds, and plants”.


Kari, when used as a female name, means “black-haired one” in Gaelic or “nordic-free woman” while if used as a male name, it means “strong” in French and “tremendous” in a Scandinavian language. 


The name Lavern means “land of trees” or “woodland”.


Maine is the French word for the mainland but is now used as a unisex name.


Marquette is a French habitational name that means “landowner”.

Given these names, there are more modern gender-neutral names that you can search for your baby. With these unisex French names, we hope that you can choose the perfect name for your little one which may not make him or her struggle or won’t give your baby a hard time.

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