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Popular Royal Baby Names for Baby Boys

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Popular Royal Baby Names for Baby Boys

When Kate Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte in 2015, the names of charlotte, Diana and Elizabeth became famous for those mothers giving birth to their baby girls. One of the most popular is the Windsor Family.

Royal baby names mean something significant to parents. It illustrates royalty, prestige, wealth and beauty. The royal names are a trendsetter. Here are some of the foremost names that you can take note and consider for your little one:

Name Meaning and origin
Alfred It means magical counsel. The origin is British. A medieval icon because he successfully defended his kingdom against the Vikings. King Alfred the Great governed Wessex, England, from 871 to 899. Further in his extraordinary bravery, Alfred had a common sense and a desire to educate his followers. Another royal person with the name Alfred was the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, born on August 6, 1844. He was a doyen in Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in Germany. He also had a long naval career. He was married to Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, the Russian czar Alexander II’s’ haughty daughter.
Arthur It means bear, thor, or an eagle. The origin is Celtic. The legendary King Arthur, who is famous in forming the Round Table with his loyal knights in sixth-century in England, made the name famous in the Middle Ages. The courageous son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Arthur had an intense interest in the military at a young age. He went and joined the Royal Military College in 1866 when he was 16 and served his country for 40 years in various positions. He became the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and served as the Governor-General of Canada.
Frederick It means a peaceful ruler. The origin is Germany. Frederick is the Duke of York and the son of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He is famous for his strong military career that moves up the ranks quickly. At 17 he became the colonel in the British army by order of the king. In 1793, he became a general and led British forces when they invade France. By 1803, Frederick became the commander-in-chief of Great Britain and the Irish military. By then, he instituted several reforms for them to successfully defeat Napoleon when he tried to capture the United Kingdom.
Harold It means the ruler of the army. Its origin is Scandinavian Harold governed as king of England from 1035 to 1040. He was known as Harold Harefoot, because of his speedy style of walking. Born in 1015 to King Canute and Aelfgifu of Northampton When his brother, the rightful heir could not leave Denmark because of political struggles, he took over the throne. At that time, there was a tale that the mother of Harold was the real ruler of England. There were no revolts and oppression during the time of King Harold. His rule was known to be the peaceful era of England.
Henry It means a home ruler. Its origin is Germany Prince Henry is the son of King George V and Queen Mary of Teck, the grandson of Queen Victoria and was born on March 31, 1900. Prince Henry of York that later became the Duke of Gloucester served as a member of the British Expedition Force during World War II.
Edward It means a wealthy guard. Its origin is British King Edward III became famous because he decided to sacrifice and gave up as the British ruler after less than a year in 1936 to marry a twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. He became historic as the only British monarch that voluntarily step-down to follow his heart. It made his brother George VI be crowned as the new king and gave the Elizabeth (King George VI daughter) to be crowned as the queen in 1952. Edward became the Duke of Windsor.
Nicholas It means people of victory. Its origin is Greek In greek, the name Nicholas means goddess of victory. It is associated with Christmas vibe because of Saint Nicholas, the one that we remember delivering gifts to every child around the globe. Nicholas is a patron-saint in Greece, Russia, and the sailors. In the royal family, Lord Nicholas Windsor is the son of Prince Edward and Katharine, the Duke and Duchess of Kent. When Nicholas decided to be a Catholic convert in 2001, it leads him to unable to succeed the British throne. He married Paola de Lupia in 2006 in the Vatican that gave him three sons, Albert, Leopold, and Louis. Nicholas is popular in Europe for being the top and active in advocating pro-life.
Willian It means helmet protection. Its origin is Germany Of all the names, William is believed to be the most popular. In the modern era, William Shakespeare made this name a chosen one. In the medieval period, William the conqueror and the Duke of Normandy became famous for crafting the name of England in 1066. In the modern world, William was born on June 21, 1982, and sone of Prince Charles and Diana, the Princess of Wales, is the second in line to the British throne. William became the Duke of Cambridge. When he finished his studies at St. Andrews University in 2005, he proceeded to the Royal Air Force school and became an air ambulance pilot. Just like his mother who is famous for the masses, William works on public service undertakings to support and continue his mother’s advocacy to the community. William became a celebrity when he proposed to Kate Middleton with Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring.

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