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Lox: Safe or Unsafe to Eat While Pregnant?

Lox: Safe or Unsafe to Eat While Pregnant?

Cravings during pregnancy are undeniably dramatic. Just thinking about this certain food makes you extra drool. But can a pregnant woman eat all that she wants? Unfortunately, nah. While you are waiting for your baby to arrive, there are lots of worries at the same time. Usually, what puts on concern is the conflicting idea of what to eat and what not to eat. For instance, you will be in a big dilemma if you are a seafood lover! Moreover, if refrigerated smoked fish is your cup of tea then you must have heard more of contradictory advice. Bottom line, is it safe to consume lox while you are pregnant?

what is lox?

Lox is a way to prepare salmon. It is prepared by curing the salmon in brine or salt-sugar rub and then cold smoking it instead of cooking and hot smoking. The best lox is considered to be prepared using the belly of the salmon and more often enjoyed on a bagel with cream cheese and a slice of tomato. Yum!  

Is it safe to consume lox while pregnant?

It is highly recommended that you stop eating refrigerated smoked fish such as lox the moment you came to know about your pregnancy. First things first, mercury content in the salmon. Mercury is not good for the reason that it ties up selenium. Selenium has a vital role in building up the nervous system. Therefore, it is recommended to eat fish which are high in selenium so it will outweigh the risk of mercury poisoning. Another thing is, lox could be contaminated with bacteria such as Listeria. This bacteria can be harmful during pregnancy as it can affect the baby. Any other raw and uncooked seafood is at the risk of being contaminated by infection-causing micro-organism and not only lox. These are totally unsafe to devour during pregnancy. Kept clear of any infections that can be caused by consuming refrigerated, raw and uncooked foods that is if you want to keep yourself as well as the baby safe.

Is There Any way To eat lox safely while pregnant?

In a meal that has been cooked piping hot like a casserole, lox is relatively safe if used as an ingredient rather than raw. Therefore, ensure it is cooked thoroughly inside and out if you wish to have lox. This way you can avoid being food poisoned at the time of your pregnancy as this will help to get rid off the bacteria in it. Even so, before consuming lox and other seafood during pregnancy, we strongly suggest consulting with your doctor.

What Are the health benefits of eating lox?

There are lots of essential nutrients contained in lox. It has a good source of protein, vitamins B and D, potassium, selenium, and magnesium. DHA, EPA and omega 3 can be greatly found in lox as well. Though there are lots of nutrients found from eating lox, it is always best to check with your doctor before consuming it while you are pregnant. Listed below are some benefits of eating lox:

  1. It is rich in lean protein. Protein is massively found in lox. Adequate intake of it is very crucial during pregnancy for it contains amino acids. The protein in salmon is a lean protein, which means it has reduced the amount of saturated fat, which is more beneficial during pregnancy. 
  2. Good for cardiovascular health. A high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids is present in lox. It decreases the risk of any cardiovascular issues and helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Those are the key vital roles of omega 3. 
  3. Good for thyroid. Lox is a superior source of selenium. It accounts for about 50% of the recommended daily intake from its 32.4 micrograms per serving. Selenium acts in the proper functioning of your thyroid. 
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  1. Relieves muscular cramps. Lox is not only rich in protein but in potassium and magnesium as well. Muscle cramps are very common among expecting mothers. One of the main reasons is the inadequate intake of magnesium and potassium. Therefore eating lox will help to alleviate muscle cramps during pregnancy.
  2. Increases HDL Cholesterol. Cholesterol level increases by 25 to 50 % during pregnancy. It is essential to provide nutrients for the growing fetus. Fall in the HDL level can bring about several risks. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B12 are richly available in lox. These vitamins in this seafood help to increase HDL, the good cholesterol level of the expecting mother.
  3. For tougher joints. Lox is a good source of selenium. It is very beneficial in preventing joint inflammation. Joint pain due to inflammation is a common issue during pregnancy. Lox contains bioactive proteins that aids in strengthening joints and bones. It is very important for the pregnancy period.

So what is the verdict?  

 As mentioned above, it is fine to consume lox as long as it is not raw. Just treat it as an ingredient to your to die for a dish. Given the fact that it is highly rich in nutrients so it is actually good to eat while you are pregnant. There are many simple ways out there to prepare your lox at home along with your breakfast or as an addition to your snack. However, you must watch your intake because consuming it not moderately can lead to serious risks. The risk is at its highest during the third trimester so be sure to be careful.  Moreover, the thing that we always advise is that, consult your doctor before anything else.

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