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Sumptuous Healthy Yogurt Dessert Recipes

With yogurt’s probiotics and filled-up protein content, it is now recommended to be one of you and your child’s favorite healthy snacks and dessert. You can also add yogurt to a variety of dishes, particularly with desserts. This list of sumptuous healthy yogurt dessert recipes will prove to you that yogurt has its own versatility when it comes to your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a sweet snack for your family, cake for your special occasion, or even guilt-free dessert for yourself, these yogurt recipes will be the best healthy option for you.

Yogurt cake with a twist of pomegranate syrup

This unusual cake is easy to bake a cake with an exotic taste of its kind. This one is topped with pomegranate seeds and syrup added with a little spice from fresh cardamom. You will surely love this healthy dessert!

Honey Greek yogurt cheesecake

In addition to our healthy yogurt dessert recipes is the famous cheesecake with a twist of honey Greek yogurt. It is one of our favorite healthy summer dessert recipes to share with our family and friends. This healthy recipe is considered as the best substitute for your traditional cheesecake. It contains lower fats with no refined sugar content and a little bit of honey to add sweetness. If you are a cheesecake lover, this one is perfect for you!

Greek yogurt cake (chocolate)

Sure enough that this chocolate cake will catch and stole the show. If you are craving for chocolates, try this one. This is moist, flavorful, and contains protein-rich yogurt. You couldn’t resist the chocolate glaze on its top.

Yogurt ice pop

Another addition to our healthy yogurt dessert recipes is the yogurt ice pop that will surely make you melt. For ice cream lovers out there, it’s your time to shine. This perfect sweet ice pop is the perfect dessert for your summer days. Also, you better not to worry about your weight. It is because this treat is made with yogurt instead of the usual ice cream. With that being said, it’s still up to you if you want it for breakfast since it is made of yogurt.

Yogurt fudgesicles

Bring your childhood memories back with this dessert, but with a healthier version. Skim milk, unsweetened cocoa, and healthy Greek yogurt ingredients make this treat the best without being a sugar bomb.

Healthy coffee yogurt cake

The holidays are just around the corner. So if you are looking for healthy yogurt dessert recipes, make sure to add this healthy coffee yogurt cake in your list. This dessert contains cinnamon streusel for filling as well as the topping and delicious cream cheese at the top. The Greek yogurt keeps this dessert moist and nice.  This gorgeous and tasty cake is perfect for your dessert and even for brunch or breakfast.

No-bake yogurt fruit tart

This sumptuous no-bake recipe tart makes a perfect dessert and even breakfast as it has no refined sugar at all. This healthy treat is the best for your holidays and family gatherings, and it looks good on the table. Complete your summer gatherings with this simple Greek yogurt tart.

Mini tart granola

This cute and yummy treat is one of the new ways to serve your granola. You need to fill them with different fruits and yogurt, some delicious dessert filling, or whatever sound delightful to you because the sky is the limit for this treat. This one is considered the cutest way to enjoy your granola. Its size is perfect for your dessert or breakfast with a crispy and sumptuous taste.

Yogurt truffles

The healthy yogurt dessert recipes will not be completed without the yogurt truffles on the list. Taste the heaven in your mouth with this creamier dessert on the inside and crunchier feeling on the outside. This sweet, yummy, and fudgy dessert yet protein-filled and healthy dessert is the perfect treat for your family. Believe it or not, this yummy snack requires simple ingredients only. And the secret to making this perfect lighter balls are the sugar-free chocolate paired with the creamy and healthy Greek yogurt.

Panna cotta (greek yogurt version)

If you are going to choose healthy yogurt dessert recipes for your family, you can never go wrong with Greek yogurt panna cotta. The best thing about this treat is how adaptable this one is. Also, for you to make this yummy dessert, all you need to prepare are simple ingredients and 5 minutes of your time for the preparation and another part of your time that it needs to set inside the fridge.

Yogurt and fruit jello cups

Bring back your grandmother’s favorite dessert with this yogurt and fruit jello cups. This treat is effortless and fun to make. It can be a perfect bonding for you and your kids since this one contains four simple ingredients and can be prepared within just 10 minutes. The gelatin inside the fridge will give the yogurt and jello the smooth texture that you will surely love. This treat is equally the best for your snack, dessert, and even your breakfast. Catch this wonderful and awesome summer idea

Strawberry bread

Imagine your favorite bread with a twist of strawberry and Greek yogurt, isn’t it exciting to try? Strawberry bread contains Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, and buttermilk. This quick bread is moist and tender, which makes it perfect for your break, snack, and brunch.  So what are you waiting for? Go and buy Greek yogurt together with your fresh strawberries to make this mouth-watering dessert.

Strawberry cake

The super moist yogurt strawberry cake is one of the best desserts to prepare for your picnic and summer getaway. It has a rich taste and packed with fresh strawberries in each slice. The lemon and yogurt make a wonderful balance to the sweetness it contains. Take note that this cake doesn’t dry out in just a snap of time. Guaranteed that this strawberry cake will surely make your day.

Having a busy lifestyle prefers us to prepare easy, healthy, and quick recipes for dessert for our loved ones. We love the convenience of creating these treats in just a snap of time for the preparation and another hour for refrigerating. The recipes above are an excellent option for you since they are all easy to prepare.

Thanks to this healthy contents of yogurts! We are now closer to our favorite healthy yogurt dessert recipes. For those people who love desserts but afraid to try one, please check out these recipes. You will surely enjoy these guilt-free treats.

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