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Top Charming And Delightful Austrian Girl Names

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When it comes to becoming a parent, the most fun yet hardest part is deciding on the name of your child. It has to be perfect yet has a special meaning. At the same time, it should be something you both agree on! More often than not, you and your partner will spend months either brainstorming names or arguing about names.

Because choosing a name is a hard task. You need to consider both spelling and pronunciation as well as it’s timeliness. Will the name still sound cute once your child is an adult? Do you want it cute or elegant? There are a lot of factors to zero in when deciding on the perfect name.

Parenting experts suggest that when deciding on the baby’s name, it is best to look at other countries for inspiration. For this list, we will be showing you a beautiful and unique Austrian girl names. 

Why austrian girl names? 

Austria is the birthplace of prestige icons such as Mozart and Freud. It is also the setting of the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-winning film “The Sound of Music,” starring Julie Andrews. Known for their idyllic scenery and captivating historical sites, Austria is home to a beautiful array of precious and elegant names. 

Take a look at our list of Austrian girl names as inspiration for your future baby girl!

Top precious austrian baby girl names 

1. Amelie – the name is French for work. It is a more sophisticated interpretation of the names Emily and Amelia. This name is as precious your soon-to-be darling little girl.

2. Luisa – such a darling and sweet name for your baby girl which also evokes a strong and fierce little warrior ready to charge into the playground with all her might. People who have the name Luisa tend to have an inner desire for physical activity. At the same time, Luisa is not a very common name! This feminine variation of Louis will definitely be a unique one.

3. Nora – if you want a lovely and more refined name that will make you picture royalty then this name is the one. It brings a bright charm when you say it out loud, which is fitting since it is Irish for light.

4. Emilia – a whimsical name that your daughter will share with actresses, singers, and political figures who embodies the elegance and grace of the name. If you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan this can be a subtle nod to Emilia Clarke, who played the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen.

5. Lara – it means “protection” and in Roman mythology, it tells the tale of the individual gods who were the protectors of home and fields. Meanwhile, in other forms of literature Lara is the name of the nymph in Ovid’s “Fasti.”

6. Jasi – this Austrian girl’s name is more unique, lively and possesses the characteristics of an inspiring and outgoing young lady. Even with its simplistic spelling, it still has the charm of the other names on this list without it being too hard to pronounce or spell.

7. Leonie – meaning lion, this cute name is perfect for your future fashionista because it embodies the chic and fierceness of every other fashion icon she shares the name with. At the same time, this unique variation of Leon is both enticing and sweet for your little lioness.

8. Emely – this name is a fun and cute spin on the classic name Emily. Most people associated with this name embody an idealistic, highly imaginative, and spiritual nature which is perfect for you darling baby girl. The name is of Roman origins which mean “industrious.” 

9. Pia – in the darling list of Austrian girl names, this one is of Latin origin meaning “from Mount Olympus.” Pia is a short and simple name that is unique, fun, and whimsical. It evokes a strong energy that you wish to impart to your daughter.

10. Sabine – this unique Latin variation of the name Sabrina holds great power. The name’s origins came from the ancient Italian people called Sabines, a strong community of leaders and industrious people of their time.

11. Ellie – the meaning of the name is just as precious and darling as the name itself. The name Ellie is of English origin which means “bright, shining one.” With a name like this, your daughter will captivate everyone with her shining and delightful presence. It is a warm and welcoming name that easily rolls off the tongue. You can’t help but smile whenever you say the name. 

12. Iris – this Austrian girl’s name is inspired by the Greek Goddess who created the first rainbow, so it is only fitting that the name Iris means rainbow as well. It is a simple yet enchanting name with a beautiful story behind it, you can’t help but retell its story whenever someone asks how you came up with your little one’s name. 

13. Clara – this name is vintage yet chic, simple yet with such a powerful meaning you want to give your daughter. Clara is of Latin origin which means “bright and famous.” The name is so delicate yet charming, you cannot help but brighten up whenever you say this name out loud.  

14. Lois – derived from the Old Gername name Helewidis, another precious name from the list of Austrian girl names this means hale and wide. Such a powerful name which doesn’t lose its charm. You can picture your little girl being a leader among men, ready to charge with her charm and strength.

15. Laura – like most names on this list this has a symbolic representation that you would impart on your baby girl. Named after the laurel tree, it is the symbol of honor and victory. 

Why you should choose names from other countries

Brainstorming names for your unborn baby girl is a difficult task for most expecting parents. You want something unique yet has a special meaning. Probably a simple name with a whimsical yet charming element to it. So, narrowing down hundreds of names onto a list can be hard.

It is best to take inspiration from other countries such as Austria because of the history and elegance behind it. If you take a page from popular baby names in different countries, you are bound to find the perfect fit!

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