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Outlawed Names: Forbidden Baby Names to Avoid

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When choosing a name for your baby, there are lots of things that you need to consider. One of these considerations is the act of knowing if this name is forbidden or not. There are some illegal or outlawed names that you need to remove from your list. To help you identify the names which are prohibited from using, here are some of the examples of forbidden baby names to avoid. 

· Spinach 

Spinach is one of the banned baby names in Australia. Yes, there is no doubt that vegetables are good for your health but using this as a name for your baby is a big no-no. This is not the right baby name. This is considered as the main reason why Australia considered this name to the list of forbidden baby names to avoid. 

· Sex Fruit 

This is one of New Zealand’s banned names that you should avoid. From the name itself, I am one hundred percent sure that your baby won’t like it either. Be thankful to the judge who declared this name as one of the forbidden baby names to avoid. 

· Nutella 

A kid named Nutella is not acceptable in France. This may seem too sweet, but this is one of the forbidden baby names to avoid. There is an instance in France where a girl was renamed, Ella. The main reason for the judge is because this name could lead to mockery and unnecessary remarks. 

· Anal 

Another addition to the banned baby names that you need to know is the name Anal. Can you imagine your child calling by his classmates and friends by this word? This is really embarrassing. This name also belongs to a funny banned names list. 

· Akuma 

One of the controversial names that you should not use to your baby is the name Akuma. This name is forbidden in Japan. The main reason why they put it in the list of forbidden baby names to avoid is because of its meaning. This name conveys a definition of “devil.” 

· Adolph

Adolph or Adolf. No matter how you spell it, it is still forbidden worldwide. This is mainly because of a man who happened to use this name has slaughter millions of people. 

· Robocop 

This name is one of the names in the list of forbidden baby names to avoid in Mexico. Even though Mexico prohibited the usage of this name, it is still used in some of the famous movies. 

· Cyanide

Cyanide is a poison that is said to take the life of Hitler. This name belongs to the banned names in the UK that you must know. There is an instance where a woman gave this name to her daughter, but the judge disagreed with her. 

· Circumcision 

This name is forbidden in Mexico. Can you imagine your son with this name? This can make him feel embarrassed for the rest of his life. Well, thanks to the officials who make this name a forbidden one. Such a heroic deed! 

· Fraise 

Fraise is another term for strawberry. Sound sweet right? But this name is prohibited in France. When the couple decided to name their child Fraise, the judge suddenly disagrees. The main reason for the officials is because of the teasing moments that the child might get. This name is often associated with the phrase “ramène ta fraise,”. This statement conveys the meaning of “get your butt over here”. The parents and the officials just come up to the idea of giving her the name of Fraisine. 

· Sarah 

In Morocco, the name Sarah (Sara with an H) is not acceptable because they believe that this name conveys a Hebrew spelling. But take note that a simple Sara (without H) is completely fine. 

· Prince William 

You can never find this name is France not until when the Duke of Cambridge came to visit the said country. They believe that naming a child as Prince William can lead to a lifetime mockery. 

When it comes to naming a baby, there are lots of rules that we need to keep in mind. It is still best if we are knowledgeable of the forbidden baby names to avoid. So, the next time you are going to give a name for your upcoming baby, make sure that you have considered this list of prohibited names to avoid. 

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