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Want to Name Your Child by Vampire and Devil Names, Here are a Few Exotic Ones!

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Want to Name Your Child by Vampire and Devil Names, Here are a Few Exotic Ones!

People are now bored being called nice and good, people like to sound bad devil. Not with the deeds but called with bad names is always fun and cool. People are shifting towards selecting devil names for the newborns. Babies are sweet and mischievous at the same time. Choosing some devil names is quite fun and new. It is now old fashioned to call your little one with some angel name or by some God’s name and it provides you varied choices as well. But vampire names are different to stand out of the line. So if you are up to naming your child, devil or vampire names can be a standing out and bold choice to make.

Why choosing devil names?

Small babies are tender and while growing they do several mischievous acts which make them little devils of your house. Calling them with simple names like everyone doesn’t hold any excitement but the vampire names, they are suitable to their little devil steps and actions. You will love them to call by the cute devil names. You might have seen several dark and magical movies; they are catchy to everyone and so are the baby names based on them. They will bring cutting edge while calling filling you with loads of fun.

What are the popular devil and vampire names to call your child?

If you are naming the little one of your house and need some exotic and different names of demon baby names are the perfect option. Here is a list for the same to help you out:

Devil Names:

  • Azazel: The name has the meaning as a scapegoat or complete removal. The name was used by the Bible to point to the goat being sacrificed for amending their unrightfully actions. The name is also popular as referred for “angel of death”, other than the goat demon.
  • Diabolos: It is another devil name; the meaning of the name is an accuser. It is the title given to Satan in Diabolos. Being the hire of the demons and the evil epitome taking people away from the guidance of God and there encouraging their minds to do sinful actions.
  • Abigor: He is among the demons that are handsome and evil at the same time, he is the dapper knight with amazing war powers. He rules over 60 armies of Hell.
  • Ravana: Ravana is a highlighted devil of the Hindu mythology Ramayana. He is the devil king who forcefully kidnapped the wife of Rama. The meaning of the name Ravana is the man who has ten heads. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva and this gave him immense power to be a demon.
  • Samael: He is an evil character of the Jewish world, he is also known by Grim Reaper and the fallen Angel. He the prime seducer and destroyer. He is the heir of Darkness who has both of the evil and good qualities. He is the one who made Eve eat the fruit God disallowed.

Demon names for girls:

  • Nimue: Also called insanely she was a sorceress from King Arthur’s ruling time. She was initially a handmaiden who dependent on others but later she took the charge of saving men. Though she is not evil completely she is temptress which puts her in the evil list.
  • Hecate: The name is derived from the Latin word which actually means a worker who works from far away. Greek mythology lists her as the goddess of the demons, witchcraft, and graves.
  • Lilith: The name means ‘of the night’, he is the demon of Mesopotamian storm that brings death and diseases. The Semitic culture mentions her as the first wife of Adam who left him.
  • Pandora: She is among the mythological characters who are famous. The meaning of the name is ‘all gift’. Yes, that is certainly not evil but she was the one who unleashed the evil forms over the earth.
  • Qarinah: She is the demon from Arabian mythology, from ancient Egypt. The people who have second visuals can see such spirits in the form of pets.

Vampire names for boys:

  • Spike: The name is a love interest of the series, Buffy the vampire. He is among the cruelest vampires of the show. As the show goes on Spike is tamed by Buffy and he learns to behave in good ways.
  • Abchanchu: He is an evil Bolivian vampire; he forms himself as a needy traveler and victimizes the people who help him.
  • Vlad: He is the mastermind of the vampire legends, like the Dracula. His specialty includes eating bread which is dipped in the blood of his enemies.

Vampire name for girls:

  • Bella: Yes this vampire name won’t much introduction; she is a favorite one of all. The name is for Isabella who actually means lovely. The name disappeared after the 13th century but got popular flames after the release of the Twilight series with lead named Bella Swan.
  • Zurie: This beautifully sounding name means white and beautiful. The name is quite different which gives sassy look at the same time.
  • Elena: The name is on the list as she was the lead character of the renowned series Vampire diaries.

Here were the few names with exotic meanings which are from evil backgrounds but sound different and nice to call. You name your child just once so you have your choice, get the best name which suits them.

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