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The Parent Reaction to an Intersex Child

For some parents, they may make some plans, be it a boy or a girl, but it is not easy to accept that other parents find the sex of their child. What do you think the father’s reaction to an intersex child might be?

Intersex Meaning

According to ISNA, intersex is a generic name describing a person born by reproduction. For example, the birth of a child may give the impression that a woman from the outside, but there are many cases where the anatomical structure of a person is inside.

It is about a girl who was born with such a large visible clitoris, or who was born with a missing vaginal opening or with a very small penis

What To Do If Your Child Is Intersex?

Parents and doctors will work together to find the gender intended for your child. In most cases, the resolution comes down to what she or the child is likely to be when she grows up.

The reasons for the impact on the physical appearance, as stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, designed for diagnosis, the appearance of reproduction, surgical options, replacement therapy during life.

Put Off Surgery (If Possible)

Put off surgery (Intersex Child)

Many experts, if necessary from a medical point of view, should avoid early surgery to show the genitals of intersexual children more men or women. “Why can’t it be vital and reversible? Something that might disagree with your child later?”This is Dr. Deborah. “You don’t want to force [children] to things that may not fit into life later.”

In may 2012, a lawsuit was filed against a hospital in South Carolina, an operation in which a child with a 16-month-old intersex child was activated. He was identified as a child.

A review of 94 inter-sexual children conducted by the University of Oklahoma medical centers in 2005, more than half of men with genetics were bred as female and female surgery.

Collect a Great Team

Collect a great team (Intersex Child)

A pediatrician who has more children than they need is an adult. Endocrinologists for children is the physical growth and sexual development of various types of children, urologists (treatment of genital anomalies), psychiatrists (emotional, mental). And social issues).

Look For Support

Look for support (Intersex Child)

This is the most important step for parents. Even if health professionals are considering your problem, the support and guidance of parents living in the same place is invaluable. Parents can sign in the parent support group (AIS-DSD).

It is clear that this is one of the “Windows” of the child’s consultation. You will face your child’s condition in front of adults, children as soon as you start to notice the difference in sexual age like 3 (“Why doesn’t my penis look like Daddy?”).

The young kid doesn’t intend to understand medical terms, but (his or her) will get something various. It’s the duty of the father to let him visit a therapist.

Go with your son’s guide. Some fashion stores for children are separated in sections, one for men and the other for women. This does not mean that since things are different from all others, initial observation and decision making are crucial to take into account.

I believe that parents should have the right to remain with their children with unprecedented power. “When gender appointments are forced, the child may be injured or killed, usually with irreparable surgery in the first year of life.” This is not compensated for the lack of approval and feelings of parents who have done something wrong for their children”.

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