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Favorite Baby Names from Game of Thrones

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Favorite Baby Names from Game of Thrones

Are you an avid fan of the television series Game of Thrones? This show created a significant impact on its viewers and made a great history by breaking the record of some of the most-watched shows. Since lots of people fall in love with this masterpiece, they named their little ones after the characters of this television series. We have gathered some of the most used and favorite baby names from Game of Thrones. 

· Arya 

One of the top favorite baby names from Game of Thrones in the name Arya. This name conveys a definition of “wise” in Sanskrit names. Princess Arya was renowned for being the daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She is one of the games of thrones girl characters that kill with accuracy! This name is excellent for your fiercely independent girl in the future. 

· Cersei 

This addition to the favorite baby names from Game of Thrones is probably one of the most hated characters on this masterpiece. But this name conveys a significant meaning of a woman who lives with a purpose. This name may not portray a “good attitude” role in the series, but there is no doubt that it has a sweet sound. 

· Brienne 

There is no doubt that the game of thrones baby names popularity is making its way to the top. One of the names that contribute to its popularity is the name Brienne. This name depicts the character of a strong lady. If you choose this name for your little miss, then good for you. This is an excellent choice, indeed! 

· Melisandre 

One of the creative game of thrones names that you should consider is the name Melisandre. She is known as the “red woman” since she is associated with the famous Lord of light. This name is also renowned for making unwise decisions. But despite its “not so good” role, it still has a significant meaning of “courage or strength”. This name is suitable for your little girl! 

· Catelyn 

Another addition to the favorite baby names from Game of Thrones is the name Catelyn. This name is renowned for being the wife of Eddard Stark. Catelyn, the Lady of Winterfell, is a great mother and wife to her family. This name conveys a significant meaning of “pure”. 

· Lyanna 

This name is famous for carrying the definition of “field”. In this series, she is the other half of Robert Baratheon. Also, she is a big revelation when she proved that Jon Snow was her son. Lyanna is also one of the most used names that you should consider. 

· Barristan 

One of the games of thrones baby boy names that you should consider. He is one of the greatest swordsmen. Loyalty, honor, and courage are some of the best characteristics that this name portrays in the said masterpiece. This name is suited for your little courageous, honest and loyal boy. One of the classic baby boy names!

· Bran 

Another favorite baby names from Game of Thrones for your baby boy! This name is famous for being the son of the Lord Eddard Stark and the Lady of Winterfell, Catelyn. His physical disability is not a hindrance in pursuing to fulfill his duty. This name has a great definition of “broom-covered hill”. 

· Eddison 

He is known as a great friend of Jon Snow. He is a courageous man who fought the enemies. This name is also said to be a short term for “Ed’s son”. Since this name is becoming more popular each year, it is best if you choose this name as an option for your little angel. 

· Eddard 

Eddard is one of the great characters in this series. He is known as the Warden of the North. The popular Lord of Winterfell is a great husband and father to his family and also a great friend to Robert Baratheon. The name Eddard is considered by many as one of the most favorite baby names from Game of Thrones. 

The meaning and magical sounds of these names are what makes them one of the most favorite baby names from Game of Thrones. The increasing numbers of babies who are named after this series are excellent evidence that until today, these are great options for your future babies. When you choose to use these names, don’t forget to tell your kids how brave the role of their names in one of the highest-grossing and most-watched television series. 

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