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Enticing Names: Girl Names of Medieval Period

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Are you one of those parents who are in love with the sound of the girl names of the medieval period? Well, you are not the only one. Many people are in love with the sound of this kind of name. Guinevere, Agatha, Emma, and Sarah. Sounds charming, right? This is one of the main reasons why we are in love with the girl names of medieval. 

 Some of the renaissance era baby names: 

  • Agatha 
  • Annabel 
  • Amice 
  • Helewise 
  • Gillian 
  • Osanna
  • Millicent 
  • Susan 
  • Sarah 
  • Agnes 
  • Alice 
  • Denise 
  • Anne 
  • Avice 
  • Antiope 
  • Arianna 
  • Joan 
  • Rose
  • Felice 
  • Marion 
  • Matilda 
  • Isabel 
  • Elizabeth 
  • Eleanor 
  • Eve
  • Ellen 
  • Emma  

Here are some of the names that you didn’t know were medieval 

  • Susan 

This name is one of the girl names of medieval that you rarely notice. This name is said to use during the 12th century in England. So if you have a friend named Susan, then tell her that her name is one renaissance era female names. 

  • Amanda 

Another addition to the girl names of medieval that you didn’t know is the name, Amanda. This name is said to be used since 1591. So, Amanda, your name is one of the cute medieval names for a girl. 

  • Carla 

The name Carla is one of the renaissance names for a female that we are not aware of. This name is known as the female version of the name Carlo. The name Carla was also the name of the queen of Cyprus during the 15th century. 

  • Bridget 

Aside from Carla, Bridget is also one of the girl names of medieval. This name is a famous name for an Irish saint during the 6th century. This name is said to be recognized all over the Europe Country. 

  • Chloe 

Chloe is renowned as a nickname to the goddess of the harvest, who was known as Demeter. This ancient Greek name becomes famous for the past years. This name was popular during the year 2008 to 2011. This name is still one of the popular names until today.

  • Tifanny 

This name was derived from the name Theophania which was used during 1197. The name Tiffany is the modern-day form of the name Theophania. 

  • Barbara 

This name is trendy to this day. But did you know that it was first used by a 3rd-century saint? 

Girl names of medieval that still work in today’s modern society 

  • Iva 

Iva, Eva, or Eya, no matter what you prefer, these names still work. This sounds very simple yet chic. 

  • Agnes 

This name seems to be vintage and common, but this is an adorable name for your baby girl. Agnes is renowned as the name for celebrity endorsers and artists and also one of the names with a long history. 

  • Sabina 

What a cute name for your little angel. Sabina is a glamourous name for modern girls. This name sounds compassionate and a bit softer. 

  • Nicola 

This name is commonly used by authors, athletes, and actresses, as well. This is an excellent option for your baby girl, especially if you want her to give honor to her grandmother named Nikki or her grandfather, name Nicholas. 

  • Amata 

Amata conveys a Latin meaning of “beloved.” This name sounds like Amy or Amanda. This is an excellent option because of its simplicity and girly sound. 

  • Isolde

This name sounds a bit romantic since this name is the true love of Tristan. The name Isolde is renowned as a “tragic heroine.” In addition to this, this name can be in line with the names Khaleesi and Athena. 

  • Melisende 

What a pretty name for you baby girl! Melisende is the French name for Mellicent. Can you remember Queen Melisende? She is proof that this name is suitable for a strong woman. 

  • Rosamund 

This name conveys the meaning of “horse protection.” Rosamund Pike is one of the proofs that this name is suitable and perfect for your baby girl. 

  • Euphemia 

Euphemia has a meaning of “sweet peach.” This name has a pleasing sound, and it has a fascinating history. 

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be stressful yet overwhelming at the same time. There are lots of options available to you. Many people have chosen girl names of medieval as one of their choices. These middle ages’ names can be your inspiration and guide in selecting a name for your little bundle of joy.  

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