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The Best Names for Gemini Babies

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Gemini babies are known for their dual nature because they symbolic represent the twins, the duality of nature, black and white, yin and yang. Gemini’s are known for their troubling nature because they may seem fickle due to the dual personalities coexisting at the same place and at the same time. Gemini’s names are very great at representing those things.

With that said, these names are as good as it gets for Gemini babies because they are highly versatile and one of the babies who will surely make trouble. This article was going to give you the best Gemini baby names that sound fun, terrific and trouble-maker!


Castor is the opposite pairing of pollux in the Greek Mythology, this brother made up the Gemini constellation we can see up in the sky alongside with that Castor is a very masculine baby name with loud sound that sounds trouble, surely Castor is the dark aspect of pollux and castor duo so expect your baby boy to be a little more dark, powerful and mischievous the one who makes a lot of trouble.

Alden or Aldana

Aldena for female or Alden for Male, this name is a good name that shows androgynous mixture and energy of the name the same way it portrays Gemini as having dual nature, Alden or Aldena is also a great name that signifies intelligence, wisdom, tactical skills and sharp wit that will often accentuate the greatest feature of a Gemini


Corresponding to the elements, each zodiac sign has masterful elements that they submit and correspond to and Gemini being intellectual and knowledgeable its corresponding element is Air. Aria is a great female name that is the Italian word for air, it is also a fun, playful but at the same time eloquent feminine name.

In the musical world, Aria is also defined by a melody sung by only one voice.


Gemini babies’ ruling planet is Mercury which just as it’s a swift motion to orbit the sun it also makes Gemini quick and agile. This influence of mercury to Gemini often makes Geminis very swift learners and communicative often to the extent of talking at an active speed of 80 Kmph.

Mercury in Roman mythology is also pertained to as the God of communication and travels, making your mercury baby fun, adaptable, fast and a good traveler.


If you’re looking for a baby boy name that means and literally sounds trouble then be in full courage to use this menacing name to your boy because blade can be one intimidating name, also related to Gemini due to Blade’s association with fast killing and silver.

Blade is a great macho name that sounds strong, intimidating and at the same time full of raw courage and masculinity


Another great female name to add to the best names that mean trouble is the name, Delilah, due to it’s alluring and oozing feminine beauty it is making us see a beautiful but deadly temptress image some females ought to seek, instead of using traditional feminine names that are considered weak and soft. Delilah is a great name that sheds stigma on female empowerment and the use of baby names with negative connotations.

Delilah is an alluring and haunting name that is flirtatious just like a Gemini’s quick and flirtatious body language.


Rocky is another great name derived in the U.S and is often used to name a boy that is very rugged and masculine in nature, often making his way through trouble and power-grabbing, this name also signifies strength another undermined aspect of many Geminis considering that Gemini itself is one of the masculine zodiac signs 

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