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Cute and Bubbly Names: Scooby-Doo Girl Names

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There is no doubt that because of Scooby Doo’s popularity, many parents are using some of the characters’ names to use for their little bundle of joy. Since this masterpiece remained remarkable until today, it is an excellent choice if you also use these Scooby-Doo girl names for your little miss.


The first on our list of Scooby-doo girl names is Velma. The Velma name’s popularity is still rising until today. In the story, Scooby doo, the girl named Velma is famous for wearing her orange turtleneck and short pleated skirt with her square glasses. This feminine name is said to be first used during the 19th century. Also, a girl named Velma is always associated with wealth and power.


Are you familiar with the famous character named Daphne Blake? Daphne is one of the Scooby-doo characters’ names that are continuing to gain popularity. In this story, the girl named Daphne is famous for being a member of a wealthy family. She is also renowned for her red hair, good fashion sense, and her lavender heels. If you are still having a hard time choosing the best name for your baby girl, then this addition to the Scooby-doo girl names is a good option for you.


Another addition to the Scooby-doo girl names that you can use is the name, Heather. Many parents are using this name because of its sweet and feminine sound. Heather Jasper Howe is one of the villainess characters in the said movie. Heather is a great name that carries a meaning of “a flowering evergreen plant”. This name became popular during the ’70s and ’80s. The girl named Heather is famous for being idealistic and spiritual.


In the story Scooby-doo, Aggie is renowned as a Caucasian female with a harsh personality. A girl who is always wearing a green dress and an apron are some of her identities. The name Aggie has a definition of poor or chaste. The girl with this name is said to be idealistic and visionary. They are also in love with the thought of having a stable community and family.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is one of the most interesting characters in the famous story of Scooby doo. In this masterpiece, Mary Jane is Shaggy Roger’s love interest. Mary Jane is renowned for her attractive appearance. She has brown eyes, light tan skin and curly blonde hair. Another great thing that makes this name as an excellent addition to the list of Scooby-doo girl names is her pure and kind heart.


Another character in the said masterpiece that you can use is the name, Carol. This name is one of the trendy names for girls nowadays. Michala Banas, one of the most notable characters in her generation, gave justice to this name as she portrayed the role of Carol in Scooby doo. Also, the name Carol conveys a definition of joy. This is also said to be the feminine version of the name Charles. The girl named Carol is famous for being a charismatic leader.


Are you familiar with the name Nova? Well, she is Scooby doo’s girlfriend. This pet is a cocker spaniel. Dark tan coat and dark chocolate brown colored nose and ears are some of her identities. When it comes to personality, Nova acted like a normal dog compared to Scooby doo. She loves Scooby as much as he loved her. On the other hand, the girl named Nova is famous for conveying the meaning of “new or young.” Nova also tends to become a great scholar and teacher since she is outstanding when it comes to analyzing and learning.

There you go! You may now use these Scooby doo girl names for your little bundle of joy. You have to keep in mind that there is no right and wrong when it comes to naming your baby. The most important thing that you can do is to choose the one that is appealing to you and suitable for your little angels.  

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