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12 Lucid and Powerful Darkness-Inspired Names for Babies

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Parents surely know that picking their babies’ names is a huge decision but one of the most exciting and thrilling things to do as parents. As always mentioned, there are a lot of inspirations for baby names like names that mean the sky, names that mean the moon, names that mean the sun, names that are inspired by music or celebrities. Every year, the names list for babies are dominated by a lot of things. You will see trending names change each year but there are also names that stay on the top choices. It may be uncommon but names that mean dark for babies can also be a choice. If you treasure the beauty of darkness, or you just want an offbeat name for your prince or princess, you can consider the names that mean dark for your baby. 

All our lives, we thought darkness is associated with evil but actually, it is not. Darkness secretes the things that we don’t want to see and it makes us strong, independent, and fearless. Amazingly, without darkness, light will be useless. A dark name for your baby won’t always mean dark skin or hair. It can embrace everything that is dark and beautiful within your baby girl or boy. You could actually look for names that mean dark for babies or names that represent the color black or night. 

Dark names for babies 

Jett and Raven are one of the names that may mean darkness for boys. Alongside these two names, other names that mean dark for boys that entered the U.S. Top 1000 are Blake, Colton, and Phoenix while Kiera, Layla, and Melanie for girls. The names that mean dark or emphasize dark things and nighttime can be perfect for your brown-eyed baby girl or dark-haired baby boy. Here are some of the names that mean dark for babies that you can choose from. 


The name Amaya for a girl is a Japanese name with Basque origin meaning “mother city”, “the end” and “night rain”. This name has a Spanish form that is both a given name and a surname which is from a Spanish mountain and village, Amaya. Amaya can have a variant spelling of Amaia meaning “the end”. Meanwhile, Amaya is mostly a surname in Japan. Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann named their daughter Amaya. 


Blake is now a unisex name but it is more often used for boys that means “fair-haired” and “dark”. It fell from the US Top 100 in 2017 since the year 1988 but it still stayed as a sophisticated choice for parents. Although Blake is derived from a nickname, it is considered as a surname in England. Famous bearers of this name are the silver-haired character in the TV series, Dynasty, Blake Carrington. Rosie O’Donnell also had a son that has a name, Blake. 


The name Carey is a gender-neutral name with Irish origin meaning “dark” and “black”. It can be a name for your baby boy and a baby girl that represents a trendy sound for American parents. Meanwhile, the name Carey can also be a surname. Namesakes include Jazz great, Carey Bell and the motocross champion, Carey Hart which is a handsome name perfect for a baby boy. 


If you are expecting a fair-skinned or a bit dark-skinned baby girl, the name Charna is perfect for you. This name is a Yiddish name that means “dark” and “black”. Charna is a name popular in Israel that gives a bohemian vibe for parents. It is worth considering if you also have a dark-haired daughter. 


Caliban is a Roman name for a baby boy that means “black”. Caliban is a character from the well-known Shakespeare’s Tempest, who is a deformed son of a witch. However, this literary piece doesn’t really suit for a child. Caliban still has an appealing exotic feel with a rhythmic sound. It can be a great name for your boy or even girl, as long as no one knows where it came from. 


Ciara is a girl name of Irish origin meaning “little dark one”. This name is the Anglicized form of Kiera or Keira but it is very popular in Ireland. It can also be a variant of the Italian name Chiara and pronounce as “kee-AHR-a” or even as “see-AHR-a”, like that of the American singer-songwriter, Ciara. This name has peaked in the United States last year 2005 in number 150 but now, it has dropped to rank number 882. 


Hadrian is a Roman name of Latin origin that means “dark-haired”. Most parents find this name more pompous than the more accessible and common name among boys, Adrian. If you are also fond of history, you might have encountered this name. Hadrian can also be used to pay tribute to an enlightened emperor. 


If you are fond of gods and goddesses, the name Kali can be suited for your baby girl. This name is a Sanskirt baby girl name that means “black one”. It can be a cute name for your little one but people should be warned with someone named Kali. Kali is the name of the Hindu goddess of destruction and the fierce form of the goddess, Devi. 


Melanie is a name for girls of Greek origin that means “black, dark”. This name is also inspired by the famous Gone with the Wind. Alongside, this name was also the name of the two Roman saints and was introduced to England in the Middle Ages. Melanie was also popular in the United States in the late sixties; Melanie Griffith was named after her mother’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.


Layla is a beautiful musical name that made it a popular name for a girl. Remember the old Eric Clapton-Derek and the Dominos song? Well, Layla is an Arabic name that means “night”. The name became famous because of its stylish sense with names like Lila, Leila, Lily, Lillian, Lilith, and others. This name has really become popular and entered the charts in the United Kingdom and Australia. 


Another from the names that mean dark for babies is the name, Morris. This name has English origin meaning “dark-skinned” and has a vintage feel. The name Morris entered the Top 100 in the 1900s but dropped in 1995. It may be because of the identification and connection with Morris, the considered world’s most fussy cat, from the 9 Lives cat food commercials. Famous namesakes include Morris “Mo” Udall, an influential congressman and Morris Townsend in the novel Washington Square that became a movie entitled “The Heiress”.


Nigel is an Irish boy name meaning “dark, black-haired”. This name may be seen as a British surname name as well but if you want to use it as a first name, with the right surname, it will be exactly a great first name. It has a measure of Sherlock Holmesian fling because of Nigel Bruce. Nigel Bruce portrayed Dr. Watson in Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes. 


As mentioned earlier, darkness doesn’t always represent evil, something bad or bad luck. Darkness is something that we can’t omit in our lives for it is a thing that can make us fearless. For your child, names that mean dark may empower them to be stronger and independent; ready to face all the challenges of life. 

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