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The Best Toddler Cartoons to Watch Right Now

Most parents are very thankful for the best toddler cartoons. Not only it keeps their children focused and quiet for a couple of minutes, but it provides them new ideas to learn and discover besides, “What happens when I put Mom’s phone in the tub?” Well, spoiler alert: The reaction is anger.

Pediatricians recommend that children under 24 months must be “screen-free”. But for toddlers over 2 years old, the TV mustn’t just to be a time filler. In truth, there are various educational shows that not only entertain them but also teach lessons. Some of these lessons are academic like how to think logically and learning to read. While others are social and emotional such as how to act when a kid in toddler school doesn’t lend his toy.

These kinds of learning play a crucial part in a child’s development and the best toddler cartoons listed below do an excellent job of teaching them to be a good grown-up kid.

Super Why!

Super Why! The TV show is all about the power of reading. Super Readers are the main characters of the show. They live in Storybook Village that is located behind a secret panel on a library shelf. They find the Super Letters to solve the mysteries. They get together to create a simple and choose the right word to solve the puzzle and change the story.

In the show, books bring us to magic places and reading is a great power, which is a perfect message for toddlers. 

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins cartoons might not catch your interest right off the bat as an enlightening show. But this is about an intelligent, talented little girl that teaches toddlers more than alphabets and 123s.

Doc McStuffins is also showing us that everyone that can get sick and has fears, which is a great lesson for toddlers and babies.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

The main star of the show is Daniel Tiger from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. If you’re a 1970’s baby, then probably who remembers the character.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is all about the puppets and dolls that were in Mr. Roger’s cartoons and they even have the same official soundtrack. But now, Daniel owns the neighborhood and after a turf conflict with Fred. The focus of the cartoon show is on emotional and social learning through its music and story.

Daniel is charming, and teachings about social skills like compassion and communicating are instilled using short, cute melodies.

Word World

Word World is another great TV where words come alive. The producers of Word World use letters that shape a word to make that word. Like for example, the letters “c-at” are assembled to look like a cat. It’s a smart way to school toddlers that letters create words, and that words have meaning. 


For kids who love animals, Octonauts is for them!

This cartoon show is using the James Bond-style of crime-solving. Octonauts lives on the ocean floor and has a team to help the people of the sea. Toddlers learn about empathy, teamwork and that all animals, from Beluga whale to the sea anemones, they are all useful.

Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies owns the most memorable music on cartoons show. It’s about a school of little fish children who attend school together.

In every episode, there’s a theme (for example, birds) and they teach in the program learning about it in various ways. They chant music about it, they enjoy playing games, their teacher teaches a lesson about it and more. It’s an excellent way to understand in-depth about a theme and keep it exciting.

Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins are more of a creative TV cartoon show. 

The kids in the TV program, who drive around in a rocket solving puzzles, discover things like art, architecture, and music. They might listen in Beethoven and know what a quintet is or go trick-or-treating at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Versailles. An entertaining show for more artistic toddlers.  What’s more interesting about Little Einsteins is they travel to different countries, so toddlers get to learn about the world.

Sid the Science Kid

This is the best toddler cartoons show with a real academic theme.

Sid the Science Kid TV show is about Sid, who always ask questions about the world and cooperate with his teacher and classmates to discover the answers.  He wants to learn about things like, “Why do bananas get squishy”, or “Why does not a ball of Play-Doh jump?”

You know all those interesting questions toddlers ask us every day that leaves parents in awe and even resort to Google to look for a great convincing answer.

Timmy Time

If you are a fan of Shaun the Sheep, then you would probably love this TV show in which Timmy, the little sheep, attends school and learn to get along and make friends with other animals. Also, the program teaches kids how to share.

The difference with Shaun the Sheep is there’s no conversation in Timmy Time, only attractive sounds the baby animals create, and their cute facial expressions.

The absence of conversation allows toddlers to discover what others are thinking based on nonverbal hints, which kids can use a few teachings in

The cartoons show also lectures reading, mathematics, and “righting” which means to get yourself up again after you have stumbled down emotionally.  Also, the animals on the show are all very cute. Yes, you won’t regret letting your kids enjoy the show.

Peep and the Big Wide World

Lastly, Peep and The Big Wide World is another great toddler cartoons whose theme is “hatching new scientists”. The show is about a band of young birds who discover science through their adventures in the world.

They find out how soap foams work, how beavers construct dams, and where those feathers you see on the ground originate from. The program also delivers a good sense of laughter. In one episode, one of the stars hangs on his back sings, “It’s spring, and ducks are imagining about spring…and duck-related things.” Both parents and children will surely enjoy this show.

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