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The Perfect Tandem of Kids and Treehouses

All have childhood dreams that are hard to get over with – to get treehouse. You may share such dreams with others or your kids like having a playhouse in the sky. But, such desire was not fulfilled when you’re young, you may build a treehouse, as you always wish. Yet this time, for your young ones. Surely, memorable moments would be created between your kids and treehouses.                  

Layers of fun and laughter

This 2 story treehouse has been featured on Houzz. There is a basic tree platform being connected to a raised shelter through a net passage of a cargo. It’s an ideal place where everyone can hang around while catching some fresh breeze on summer’s warm days.

Simple a-frame 

This has a little A-frame structure with a solid platform. This is more than enough in keeping the intuitive kids at play in such a little sweet treehouse. You can consider stringing up a swing from this strong 4 beamed-based treehouse.


Although its foundation is a bit lower to the ground, compared to an average type of treehouse, this pint-sized tree-stump treehouse will surely put your children on cloud nine. You can have an interior that is cherry yellow, curtains that are white striped and clean blue plus a bit more of the 3-foot drop to your gassy ground. It is an excellent starter treehouse for your on the go toddlers.

Rustic simplicity

This rustic type of treehouse is a combination of scrap lumber and organic materials into a design structure or design. This kind of design can be understated, yet it would blend perfectly into a scenic garden ambiance. You can have a bucket on a pulley, great enough for passing goodies or special messages to friends that are above.

Tree fort

This is indeed a dream come true custom-made treehouse. Its special features like the slide, multi-decked tree, and a climbing wall made it more attractive to kids. Plus the hand-painted ‘Little Rascals’ inspired symbols. Cuteness overload.

Practical pallet wood treehouse

Are you looking for a treehouse that won’t break your budget? This treehouse is entirely created from repurposed wooden pallets, this is even featured in Homesthetics, a humble tree fort that is cost about $30 together. You’ll surely have a convenient hideaway especially as you ass pillows, cushions, blankets, two fairy lights or a string. Such a great summer-long entertaining experience for your kids.

Modern appeal simple slat house 

This treehouse is a contemporary innovation of the classic one. This blaster’s nice tigerwood slats, model steel frame, and the floating stairs are perfectly elegant.

Hammock hangout

This treehouse has a 4-post platform and is spotted on Instagram. It has enough space for a pair of homey hammocks being placed below the main deck. It’s an ideal spot shady enough to curl up with a great summer read.

A shed plus a view

No trees? No issue! You can provide your kids and yourself with this lofty nest of your dreams. This is spotted on The Playhouse Company that can be done by redesigning a shed-top clubhouse.

Secret garden hideout

This treehouse that is spotted on Distinct Vision is an Asian-inspired. This rests onto an ivy-covered tree stump secluded away in a silent garden corner. This small hut will look more charming as you add some soft gold tassels and floaty white curtains.

Contemporary beauty

This present-day treehouse is spotted on Live Journal, with its foundation made of steel, clean lines, and corrugated plastic walls. Its beauty is almost sculptural, providing all kinds of stuff that kids needed where an adult can also appreciate.

Double the fun and excitement

This treehouse has been featured by Barbara Butler. A little platform that connects a cargo net bridge and a neighboring tee. This amazing woodland tree surely brings double fun to your kids and even the whole family.

Tree triangle

This treehouse has also A-frame structure and lookout windows that are sheltered. The best way to recreate some backyard outpost the same as cedar shake imbricated charm that was spotted on House Mix. Surely your kids and treehouses will be inseparable. 

Climb-up cargo-net

For the kids, the climb-up is believed to be the riskiest part of a treehouse. This lofty tree lounge has been spotted on Pinterest. You may consider replacing the peg ladder or traditional type of rope with a cargo net that is easier to climb.

Adventure fort rock wall 

Do you have some adventurous older kids with you? There is no need for any ladder if there is an enormous rock-climbing wall. As spotted in the Posh Home, this summer play treehouse is exclusive for those who a string heart. Because of a wide climbing space swath, your kiddos will surely scamper up twice in an identical way.

The cube treehouse

This wood-slat cube designed treehouse is very eye-catching like a modern one that was spotted on DUENDE. If you are working with your budget, this is the right choice for you. Although the materials are simple and basic its design is quite striking. A contemporary tree-fort structure that is attainable and can be appreciated everywhere.

Backyard paradise that’s bug-free 

This treehouse that has been featured in TSP Home Decor has woodsy-delight, screened in characteristics. It is an amazing method of keeping away those summer pests. And, be assured that your kids will have total fun during summer without being bothered by the presence of the mosquitos. 

Simple chevron treehouse

This has a multi-toned rustic woods and chevron bold walls. This treehouse is described as versatile and simple. The proponent of this is the super mom blogger Carrie Bloomston which designed is created through upcycled furniture and reclaimed woods. That resulted in an attractive play space that’s indeed fun and beautiful

Hobbit hole treehouse

This hobbit-inspired hideout is featured in Homesthetics and although it restfully under the ground, this is still a treehouse. This is constructed around the tree base while covered with a roof that is grassy and rich. This seemed to be a sweet small fairy house that provides a greeting to the classical old style “cobb house” as it builds a humble play space to your little ones.

The connection between kids and treehouses is simply undeniable. Having a treehouse is everyone’s dream, even parents who used to be kids once.

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