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The Ramzi Theory for Pregnant Women

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Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, parents who are expecting their child may be impatient in finding out the baby’s assigned sex, it is justifiable on the behalf of the parents.

Parents who are expecting a baby are usually keen on finding out what their baby’s gender is, usually doctors can be able to determine the sex of the baby between 16 to 22 weeks of the period with the help of Sonograph or a structural ultrasound.

In this article, we are going to discuss the unusual Ramzi Theory for pregnant women and hor factual and relevant it is during the pregnancy period.

Parents like you might be eager to find out what the baby’s sex is considering that there can be a number of good reasons why you might want to know as soon as possible, it might be because you are already picking your baby’s name, or you may want to already start redecorating your nursery to your baby’s assigned sex or you may be preparing for a baby shower.

It is also important for doctors to find out what your baby’s sex is to be able to detect if your baby has any sex-linked congenital or genetic disorder, this will help them treat the baby if the baby has a possible genetic disorder that is determined by their sex.

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There can be a significant amount of joy and excitement when expecting a baby, moreover, expecting what the child’s gender is, it is a subject of fascination for many spouses and soon to be mothers.

However there are some people who believe that the baby’s sex can be determined a lot sooner than those weeks, and instead of waiting halfway during those 16 to 22 weeks of expected pre-determined ultrasound, there is a theory proving that.

Dr.Saam Ramzi is a known doctor in specializing pregnancy conditions of women and for a number of years he spent in studying the phenomenon, Dr. Saam Ramzi had developed a unique kind of theory for pregnant women, this theory is called “The Ramzi Theory”

Based on his studies and careful fetal observations he claims that the sex of the baby inside the fetus can already be detected as early as 6 weeks!

The ramzi theory is theoretically based in this placenta formation:

The Ramzi theory or method has gained immense popularity over the past decade, it has been a method of detecting the baby’s gender in many online forums, social platforms, and social media, The Ramzi Theory claims that the baby is supposed to have already determined sex within the progressing 6 weeks of gestation.

Because it has been a purely “speculated” method of determining the baby’s sex, it is also posted by a physician in a said Obstetrics and Gynecology website, The theory seems to be more reliable and accurate than other determining baby’s sex methods circulating online.

What is the ramzi theory? 

Dr. Saam Ramzi Ismail concluded in his very own theory that there is a direct correlation between the placenta formed and the baby’s sex.

He formulated this theory when observing the actual placenta of a pregnant woman specifically the chorionic villi, these are the hair-like formations that make up the placenta.

This method of determining the baby’s sex is not yet confirmed as factual by peer-reviewed research and other medical professionals, this makes this theory another pseudoscience theory or faux in short.

There are also no scientific basis or any previous studies that prove the theory, the theory of predicting the baby’s sex as early as 6 weeks might seem irrational to many skeptical doctors who have proven the actual gestation period of determining the baby’s gender.

Even though with the unproven claims of the theory, many women from online forums have still been using the Ramzi theory, many of them are claiming it is an effective way to determine your baby’s sex, usually they would look in the screenshots of their very early ultrasounds to pinpoint their baby’s sex using the Ramzi method.

Other doctors are pointing out at the absurdity of the method, due to the fact that even ultrasounds only have 97 percent accuracy rate, how much more if it is Ramzi method which is unproven and generally not advised by many medical doctors.

If The ramzi theory is unproven, what tests can I take to determine my baby’s sex?

The important underlying message of this article is to never believe or trust in a medical method no matter how scientific or factual it may seem.

The Ramzi method maybe a sound method and popular method in many pregnancy forums but it is highly unreliable, to begin with, it is also important to take note that couples or the mother alone should not make any early decisions during those 6 weeks.

Sonography or Ultrasound scanning is the best and most common way of determining your baby’s gender. Usually, it is advisable to take the ultrasound scanning during 16-33 weeks of gestation.

Ultrasound scanning also has different types, you can try the 2D scanning which is the most common, or the 3D/4D scanning which provides better quality images and video format that can even determine the baby’s face.

You can also detect or determine your baby’s sex by letting your doctor check the chromosomal pattern of your baby, although this method is invasive such as chorionic villi sampling the can be performed between 11 and 14 weeks of gestation, other methods include a blood test sample that can determine your baby’s sex by as early as 9 weeks.

Furthermore, genetic abnormalities and malformations that are sex-linked can be detected by pregnancy genetic tests performed on hospitals.

Final notes

At the end of the day, The Ramzi Theory may sound scientific and true but there are more studies, scientific experiments and observations that should be conducted in order to prove it’s overall accuracy, up until the Ramzi Theory are unproven, just stick to the medically acclaimed methods.

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