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Top 15 Charming Bird Names for Baby Girls and Boys

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Parents who are expecting a new baby in their families are definitely excited to come up with a nice name for their little ones. Some do research while others even try to combine their names to get a unique and meaningful name for their babies. How about charming bird names for baby girls and boys? Not a bad idea. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 15 charming bird names for baby girls and boys that parents can consider for their babies and see if they can pick the perfect one in this list.

Here are the top 10 charming bird names for baby girls and boys:


The name Robin is a nickname for the name Robert, but it has become one of the names for girls as well. This nice name is a great option for parents who are looking for a cool name with a charismatic vibe in it. The name Robin will never go out of style because it has a strong statement that can reflect the personality of your child when he or she grows up. Also, this name is something he or she can carry even when they are already adults.


The name Callum is a Scottish name for the word Columba. This name means “dove”. If you are expecting a baby boy, this name is a great option for you because it has a charismatic and charming vibe in it. It is very unique and nice to hear. It would be beautiful to have a son named Callum. Parents can consider this rare name for their little precious son.


The name Ava was a Latin word ‘avis’ that means “bird”. This name has ranked fourth in the United States in 2014. This name is very appealing because of its modern and classy vibe. Parents can consider this name for their little precious baby girl. It might be the best fit for your baby girl.


Aya is a simple yet appealing name on its own. The name Aya is a Hebrew name that means “bird” as well. It has other alternatives which are also beautiful such as Anya and Maya. One of the famous bearers of this name is the Japanese pop singer Aya Jones. 


The name Tori is a nickname for Victoria in Japanese. This Japanese name also means “bird”. Same as other Japanese names, the name Tori depends on the kanji used for writing this name. This name for a baby girl is actually a nice option for parents who are looking for a unique name like a Japanese name Tori. 


This name is inspired by the hunting bird, hawk. Although Hawk is heard mostly as a surname than a first name, it is a very nice first name. The name Hawk has a cool and strong vibe in it. Parents who are expecting a baby boy can surely consider this charming name for their little one. This name is something your child can carry even when he is an adult.


The name Arnold means “eagle power”. Though this name is not very popular as parents’ choice as a name for their sons, this is a strong statement for a strong and brave son. Parents can actually consider this option in their shortlist.


The name Sephora is a Hebrew name that means “bird”. Sephora is a simplified form of the name Tzipporah, the wife of Moses. This name is also popular for women because of the famous makeup and skincare. This name is quite unique and classic for a girl’s name.


The name Paloma is a Spanish word for “dove” and it is highly favored with the Americans. The famous pacifist and actor Pablo Picasso was actually the first one to use the name Paloma for his baby girl. Parents who are expecting a baby girl can actually consider this nice and feminine name for their precious little one.


The name Feather obviously refers to the beautiful flights of the bird. This cute and light name fits well with your beautiful baby girl. This is a unique but not an odd selection. Parents might want to consider this option for their sweetheart.


The name Phoebe means “bright” and it is the name of a type of a bird in America. This classic name is just a wonderful choice for your baby girl that will soon become a lady as well.


The name Falcon is from a bird’s name that reflects strength because of the power and sleekness of the bird falcon. It is appropriate and suits well for a boy’s name and it will definitely give him a charismatic vibe. 


The name Bran is a Celtic name that means “crow”. You can also use the name Branwen or Branok which means the same. This unique yet short and cool name may suits well with your little baby boy. He can even thank you later on for this is easy to spell! The name Bran is rare but it has this modern vibe in it. 


The name Rhea comes from a large and flightless bird that is relative to the ostrich. This name is common and popular but it still has this simple yet classic vibe in it. Parents who are expecting a baby girl can give this a shot in their shortlist and see if they will love it.


The name Dove is obviously from the bird named dove. It has a beautiful and peaceful undertone. Although rarely used as the first name, it has a feminine and heavenly vibe in it that parents may like.

The list of 15 charming bird names for baby girls and boys above is nicely-picked and highly-recommended. Parents can scan each meaning and see for themselves if they would love it. Of course, there are so many more ideas on the internet or from families and friends, but it is up for the parents to decide on the final verdict. We hope that this article gave an idea to parents on what kind of name suits best with their upcoming bundle of joy.

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