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9 Cool College Inspired Baby Names

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When you are in the moment of searching for the best and perfect name for your coming baby, you can’t help but feel challenged and at the same time, excited about giving names for your baby. Well, many couples experienced that and to tell you honestly, most of them conducted a thorough research about the different baby names history. To the point of getting a boy and girl names that are inspired by a college or a university. 

There are so many universities around the world that provide so many possibilities of swag and classic college names for newborn babies. These can be common names that we hear every day, but its coolness doesn’t always come out of style. If you are a soon to be a parent and you are deciding what to name your little one, this article will give you options about college baby names for your baby. These names will narrow down your search for the perfect name for your child. These college baby names are inspired by a college or university all around the world. 

Cool College Names 

Do you find it cool to name your baby after a college or a university? Check on these college baby names we have compiled for you that you might want to consider. There are plenty of inspirational college baby names to be found along with its details and university locations. 

1. Berkeley

This is a cute baby boy name for your little boy. It has an amazing meaning, and it is “From the birch meadow.” The name Berkeley is a name from England and is derived from the old English for birch-wood. This name is being taught in high universities and is also considered to be a cool college baby name. Many would say that people with this name are being idealistic and very imaginative. They also tend to be spiritual and intuitive. They always fight for spiritual truth and inspire others. And if they happen to fail, they strive harder and become great dreamers. 

2. Lincoln

Obviously, this name is for boys. This is also a famous name as it has a meaning of “From the settlement by the pool.” If you name your baby with this, he might have a deep inner desire for a loving and supporting family as he grows up. He desires to work with others to be appreciated. They say that people with this name are very good at understanding and absorbing cases. They liked to become philosophers, teachers or even scholars. That is why Lincoln is considered to be a college baby name because it involves learning. They think too much which makes them very clever. Their cleverness makes them an introvert person because they live so much in their minds. They may seem aloof around people but this would make them what they are. They are better that way. 

3. Marion 

Marion is a name that can be given to a boy or a girl. This name has various meanings, it could wish for a child, rebellion or maybe bitterness. People with this name tend to be problem solvers. They desire to understand the kind of world they live in. They wanted to know deeper truth and if they get involved with issues, they always think of the common good. This could be considered as a college baby name that will be perfect for your little angel. 

4. Trinity

This name will be a good choice for baby girls. The name Trinity a Latin word which means three in one. There are a lot of colleges all over the world with this kind of name. Trinity is also a Holy word and for most colleges and universities, they opted to have names that are Holy to promote to their students the value of God. People with this name tend to be pure and Godlike. They are serious and like to pray and maintain their name’s sacredness. 

5. Benedict

If you are familiar with the Hollywood actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of a Marvel Hero character, Dr. Strange, then this has nothing to do with him. This has something to do with the famous Benedict College that is located in Columbia. Many parents are inspired by this collegiate school-themed name. Since the year 70’s many of newborn children were named as Benedict. No wonder why some elders nowadays have this cool name with them. Despite being considered as an old name, well this is still rocking the newborn babies nowadays. 

6. Charleston 

Charleston is one of the famous universities in West Virginia. There is also a College of Charleston in South Carolina. These schools are somehow connected with each other. This name may sound old, but if you name your boy with this, it still sounds very cool. Even in the year 2000 and onwards, there are still millions of babies that were named Charleston. 

7. Dean 

A dean in every university or college is being looked upon by most students. Deans in a high position and are respected human beings who are considered to be leaders of a department in a university. It is a title for high academic positions at every university. Good to know that there are parents who still named their babies with this. The name Dean is perfect for baby boys because it is too masculine. Just like these famous dean’s like, Dean Norris, Dean Martin and even James Dean, these names carry a very strong and wise connotation in our society today. 

8. Howard

Many are familiar with Howard University located in Washington D.C. in the United States because it is considered to be one of the country’s legendary and historic black colleges that has a lot of namesakes. This university is one of the oldest universities all over the world and still operating until today. But despite it’s being old, many parents would still name their baby with this cool name. 

9. Oxford

We often hear the name of Oxford all the time. Whether be in the internet or books, Oxford is well known everywhere. The University of Oxford is located in England that gives a fancy baby name for boys. We are also familiar with the Oxford Dictionary, which helped millions of students and workers over the years. The name Oxford itself means “Place where the oxen cross the river.” It seems pretty deep, right? Oxford is known to be one of the highest-ranked schools in the world. So if you decide to name your child like this, better expect that people will look at him as a smart and genius boy. 


Naming your baby with college baby names is cool. It makes them feel very smart and university raised person. With these different college baby names, you now have various ideas on what to name your baby girl or baby boy. These names don’t sound old, in fact, there are a lot of newborn babies that were named by this. Just go with the flow and stay cool with your baby. Just remember the golden rule about raising your child to be a good person. Because no matter how beautiful their name can be, if they don’t have a good attitude, then it’s worthless. 

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