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Autumn Inspired: Gorgeous Autumn Baby Names

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Autumn is one of the most awaited seasons because of the magical feeling it can bring. From the crisp nights, wooden smoke up to the warm soups, you will undoubtedly feel the festive spirit. If autumn is your favorite season too, then considering gorgeous autumn baby names might be a good option for you.


The first on the list of gorgeous autumn baby names is none other than the name Autumn. There is no doubt that many parents are considering this name for their babies because of the classic and relaxing sound that this name can bring. Autumn is perfect for baby girls, especially if their birthdays are during the fall season because this name conveys a definition of “born in the fall”. Autumn is said to be a woman who has the desire to make this world a better place. She is also famous for being courageous and friendly.


Fall is considered the best time to harvest the ripe hazelnuts in your backyard. During the fall season, it is perfect to eat hazelnuts with your family while you are all sharing your experiences. Since hazelnuts are always present during autumn, then Hazel would make an ideal name for your little bundle of joy. The name Hazel conveys the meaning of “commander”. The woman named Hazel is said to be very poetic and artistic. They are also famous for being charitable.


Another excellent addition to our list of gorgeous autumn baby names is Amber. This name was derived from the word “Ambar” which denotes the fossilized tree resin which is renowned for its natural beauty and riveting color. This is commonly used in jewelry. Amber is famous for being the “happy stone”. The girl with this name is cheerful and quite emotional. She is charming and witty. She is also said to be loyal too.


The name Aurelia conveys a definition of golden. The golden colors are commonly seen in the gold and yellow leaves that are commonly present during the autumn season. The name Aurelia has been already famous since the Roman empire days. The woman with this name is very straightforward and trustworthy. She is considered the “backbone” in her relationship and career. With that being said, the name Aurelia can be a perfect choice for your little munchkin.


Gorgeous autumn baby names would never be complete without the name Olive. I bet you know why! Well, autumn is olive’s time of the year because this is their perfect time to be harvested. The name Olive has a definition of “olive tree” which is used to symbolize peace. The girl named Olive is said to be fearless and compassionate. Olive makes a great name for your little angel!


What a colorful and sweet name for your baby girl! During the fall season, you can see maple tree leaves everywhere, which makes the surroundings filled with vibrant colors. The name Maple has a meaning of “piece of cloth.” This name was said to be used from the late 1600s until today. Before both girls and boys used this name but nowadays, women are the only ones who use it. Your little kiddo will surely love this name!


One of the gorgeous autumn baby names that might suit your taste is the name, Marigold. The name Marigold has a definition of a golden flower. In addition to this, Marigold also refers to “Mary’s gold”. The color and overall appearance of this flower are one of the most beautiful sights during the autumn season. Considering this name is an excellent decision since women with this name are said to be thoughtful and understanding.


Apple is the name that we should never forget to add to our list of gorgeous autumn baby names. This is one of the most abundant fruits during the autumn season, so considering this name can be a great choice too! Many parents find this name as an appealing and cute one for their babies. This is such a sweet name for your baby girl.


Okay, to tell you honestly, this is not often used as a baby’s first name because of the apparent reason. But pumpkin can be a great option as your baby’s nickname. This is such a cute nickname for her. Can you imagine your daughter while you use pumpkin as your endearment for her? “Hello my little pumpkin”, well, not bad.


When it comes to naming your newborn, don’t forget to use the name Aster. Aster is one of the most beautiful and enchanting flowers that catch the hearts of many people in the early fall. The name Aster has a definition of “star”. Since you are considering your baby as one of the brightest shining stars, then this name might be a good fit for her.  


The name Scarlet is often associated with the color red. During the autumn, Scarlett represents the red color of the leaves of maples. The name Scarlett has a meaning of “rich cloth”. Scarlett is one of the famous names today that many parents are using for their little miss. If you are still having a hard time choosing a name for her, you need not worry anymore because Scarlett can be the perfect one for her!


The name Jora has a great definition of autumn rain. This name is said to be perfect for those babies born in September and November.  Jora is a variation of the names Jorah and Jorie. The name Jora is specially created for your energetic and full of confidence little girl.


The sound of the Phoenix is very manly and strong. In Ancient Greek, Phoenix is a mythical bird that regularly regenerates. This name conveys a definition of dark red which is often associated with immortality. The boy named Phoenix is said to be a competitive and strong leader. Aside from this, he is also renowned for being creative and determined.


The name Baize is perfect for a baby boy. This name conveys a definition of dark brown. The name Baize is considered as one of the unique names for little boys. Aside from its meaning, your son will surely fall in love with its unique and manly sound. Considering Baize as your baby boy’s name can be the right choice for you.


Since we are considering the name Phoenix, then why not consider using the name Sparrow too? Before, this name was only used by baby girls, but today, this name becomes famous as a name for a baby boy. Sparrow has a definition of a small bird. Sparrow Madden, the son of the famous couple Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, is one of the proofs that this name is perfect for baby boys.


Another baby boy name that you should consider is the name Blaze. This name is one of the cool and popular names today. Blaze conveys a definition of “torch, bright flame, fire.” The man with the name Blaze is famous for having a strong determination and a creative mind. He is also known as a person with a pioneering spirit and an enthusiastic personality. With that being said, I bet your kiddos will be thankful to you once you use this as his name.

If you are about to give birth this coming autumn, then these gorgeous autumn baby names can be an excellent selection for you. These names are very adorable and trendy. There’s a lot of reasons why these names are suited for your little bundle of joy.

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