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Inspirational Names for Babies: Pick One

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Inspirational Names for Babies: Pick One

Giving names to your kids can be a challenging thing to do. It is highly vital to pick a name that would uplift the spirit of both your children and the people around you. 

This article deals with the different inspirational baby names, you can consider letting your child wear. 

Inspirational girl names:

  • Abigail: One of the first woman activists was Abigail Scott. This name from the old-testament is much liked due to its vintage charm. Last 2014, Abigail reached the Top 8 as the most famous name.
  • Bliss: Most individuals look for a peculiar manifestation of God’s blessing in their lives. This is termed as ‘Bliss’ together with countless positive illustrations. Its cool variations are like Blitz, Blistex, and Blister
  • Answer: This name is fit to give to a child whose parents both believe that prayer is powerful or the power of prayer. Answer’ means you are given by the Almighty, regardless of the trials and difficult moments you are in. For young parents, the answer could have been by their inner selves.
  • Amelia: This name is inspired by Amelia Earhart, the first woman orator who traveled across Atlantic, yet lost during the circumnavigation of the globe. She may be no longer here but never ceased in captivating the minds of the people. In the year 2015, Amelia is held as the Top two.
  • Eleanor: The first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, has built a memorable name for herself as her husband’s. Her life is a full inspiration by the people as she helped her husband’s political endeavor and at the same time fight against the issues of women and human rights.
  • Ada: Ada Lovelace is a Mathematician during the 19th century. She is believed to be the first female computer programmer. This is proven due to the found coding notes for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. She is also the daughter of Lord Byron, a Romantic poet.
  • Audre: The essayist, poet, and civil rights activist Audre Lorde, she has been described as “black, lesbian, warrior, mother, and poet.” Her works have explored the various identity aspects. She also spoke in racial oppression and the interplay of sexism.
  • Emmeline: The British suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst, was the woman behind Women’s Social and the Political Union. As the founder, she pressed on the voting rights of women in the early 20th century. The movie ‘Suffragette’ can show her hard work for women.
  • Rosa: Rosa Parks has called by congress as the “the first lady of civil rights”. She fought against racism and the segregation that has started with the fateful bus journey in Montgomery.
  • Grace: Grace means an unmerited favor from a divine power of God. This is a kind of virtue that will provide strength to humans to on enduring in the hard times. If you name your daughter Grace, you will be reminded of God’s eternal love.
  • Sandra: The first woman who provides service as the Supreme Court justice is Sandra Day O’Connor. She paved the way for fellow women to strive in doing great things for the government. Her name is interpreted as “defending humans”. 
  • Lucy: She is the leader of the women’s rights and an orator also. She has been known for keeping her name even after marriage. This saucy, strong name also means light or illumination.
  • Malala: No one won’t admire or appreciate this teenager from Pakistan. Malala is not just an education activist, she is also a women’s rights advocate and the youngest receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize. Her name will surely an inspiration even in the coming generations.
  • Joy: After the movie “Inside Out” has been popularized and released, this name is leaping with joy in the popularity charts. Joy is one of the leading characters whose name is based on the feelings. This name indeed is a real portrayal of happiness, meaning having harmony and enjoyment in all you do.
  • Elizabeth: For two decades, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, served as the National Woman Suffrage Association President. She is also known for being one of the women’s rights activists in the 19th century.
  • Gloria: One of the most well-known world’s living feminists, is Gloria Steinem. She is an activist, lecturer, and writing who has been advocating for women’s rights since the year 1960. In the year 2015, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • Harriet: The name Harriet Tubman became known for saving and escaping more than three hundred (300) slaves via the Underground Railroad. After the civil war, she became a women’s rights activist. She spoke about her testimony as a slave and advocating suffrage for women.
  • Isadora: Isadora Duncan is named as the modern dance mother. This happened when she deviated the traditional way of dancing where women are confined to costumes and tight shoes ideas. In Greek, this inspirational name means ‘gift of Isis’.
  • Jane: There can be many inspirational Janes like Jane Austen – the writer of the thought-provoking novel. And, Jane Eyre, a novel heroine of the same title.
  • Margaret: Margaret Sanger was also one of the women’s rights activists who fought the interests of women to birth control. Another is Margaret Atwood, a poet and a novelist who explores the gender oppression nature.
  • Marie: If you have a gut feeling that your daughter can be a scientist someday, then name her Marie. Marie Curie is the classic name who received the Nobel Prize for the second time
  • Faith: Popularized by the Puritans in the 17th century as one of the straightforward virtue names. Parents choose this name as a sign of their religious beliefs. In the year 2002, this peaked at #48.
  • Maya: The most inspiring bearer of this name is Maya Angelou. She was an American civil rights activist, poet, and essayist. In the year 2011, she got the Presidential Medal of Freedom award.
  • Teresa: Mother Teresa is the world symbol of charity and service, for both the sick and the poor. In the 19th century, she was one of the most inspiring people and her legacy keeps on touching millions of lives even until today. Teresa is undeniably one of the most inspirational baby names ever heard.
  • Charity: This name may have a rhythmic y sound, this is not lower than other names connected to virtues. This English term may motivate your child to be kind and compassionate to everyone.

Inspirational Boy Names:

  • Honor: This confident and robust baby boy’s name brings integrity and decency inspiration. This reflects righteousness and a reminder of manly principles. If you have some military background, this honorable name is especially suited for you.
  • Abraham: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery as he leads the country through the Civil War. The name Abraham is associated with a bible character that means ‘father of the multitudes’. 
  • Karma: This can be a usually baby boy’s name, but it’s truly inspirational. This will remind your son about the golden rule- do to others what you expected them, or wanted them to do to you.
  • Cesar: This Latino civil rights advocate Cesar Chaves, is highly dedicated to the farmworkers and or labor movements. His name is translated as ‘head of hair’, but the name itself is much more valuable.
  • Martin: Dr. Martin Luther King is the primary being that comes to mind when it is about Civil Rights. The name Martin means ‘warlike’, outweighs Dr.King’s message of nonviolence and equality in some ways. Nonetheless, it makes an exemplary choice.
  • Franklin: The two leaders sharing the same name as Franklin here. The first Franklin is Benjamin Franklin who is a well-educated Founding Father. The second one is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most admired and followed Us presidents.
  • Zen: In the Mahayana Buddhism form, Zen has its Japanese origin. This focuses on the value of intuition through meditation. Instead of religiously following the common rituals, he advocated an active kind of method in reaching one’s potential.
  • Bodhi: This baby boy’s name has some Sanskrit origins, closely linked with the Buddhist religion. Bodhi simply means ‘awakening,’ and or ‘enlightenment’, which all parents wanted their children to obtain at an early age.
  • Dharma: Dharma is also from a Sanskrit origin, which means ‘cosmic law’ or keeping the order of the universe or the globe. It came from the word ‘dhri’ denotes, nothing can stand. This name is a good choice if you have a thing when it comes to spirituality.
  • Justice: This name made a surprise success in the world of baby names. Since it entered the 1992 popularity charts, it stays ever since. This truly inspires your kid to live a life with honesty and fairness. 
  • Pax: In Romans, Pax means ‘peace’. The 207 long periods of peace in Roman ages lasted for the two centuries –Pax Roman. This also means ‘accord’ or a ‘treaty’.
  • Promise: People only like those honest and keep their word. This inspiring name is defined as trust and deep confidence. This inspirational boy’s name would let your child aim in keeping his promises.
  • Neil: You do not need to choose from scientific-fictions movies to provide your child with a space-themed name. You can pull some inspiration from the human who first steps the moon himself. This Irish classical name also denotes as ‘cloud’.
  • Nelson: Nelson Mandela was living a fruitful life of fighting both racism and apartheid in South Africa. He is indeed a fountain of inspiration to all. From captivity to the presidency, his long life is worthy of a namesake.
  • Winston: Winston Churchill has earned a spot as one of the most inspiring leaders of all time, due to his forces to victory and inspiring people. He has served as the UK’s Prime Minister during World War II.
  • Frederick: Frederick Douglass penned 3 books on the abolitionist movement, right after escaping from the grip of slavery. Frederick means ‘peaceful ruler’, this pretty fit the name of this inspiring character.
  • Desmond: Bishop Desmond Tutu had fought on several issues like from HIV/AIDS, to homophobia, to racism and apartheid that once infest South Africa. You would never wonder why he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his works.
  • Nick: Nick Vujicic is a person who was born with no arms and legs or no limbs. Yet, this does not stop him to reach out to others and inspire them not to give up on their goals and dreams in life. He had finished a double major in both Accounting and Financial Planning. Later on, he becomes a well-known inspiration or motivational speaker.
  • Chance: This name is a French variant of Chauncey, Chance once viewed as a gambler kind of name in Mississippi. However, when it was able to get in the mainstream, its popularity rises fastly. The celebrity fathers Larry King and Paul Hogan, have endorsed this name too.
  • Tesla: The name is originated from Nikola Tesla, who is known for improving the systems of electrical alternating current. His works and inventions are too vast to list. This can also be a unisex baby name. If you use this for girls, Tess can be a nice nickname.
  • Sagan: It is nearly impossible to summarize the success and achievements of Carl Sagan. He was an American astronomer and novelist. His works are very much known by the universal readers as the contributor of the television series “Cosmos.”
  • Valor: This inspiring baby name that means heroism you thought would sound great. But, it can be ambiguous enough to sound like the exact name.
  • Mikhail: Party Mikhail Gorbachev was the General Secretary of Soviet Union Communist. He is got the full determination to give up the power of Soviet Communism. He is also the mind behind the abolishment of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union communist clutch.
  • William: William Wilberforce, is said to be one of the most powerful British reformers. Without quitting, he fought to cease the slave trade, although it was considered an ‘economic necessity during that time.
  • Albert: One of the most acclaimed scientists of the 20th century is Albert Einstein. Albert spoke out against the use of nuclear weapons, is a humanitarian. This name is pretty fancy, although its image is viewed as studious and serious.

Everything has an origin just like the people’s names. These can be historical, influential and inspirational baby names. 

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