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Uplifting and Inspiring Music Names for Your Babies

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Uplifting and Inspiring Music Names for Your Babies

There are numerous influences when parents are giving names to their babies. There are remarkable names that can be based on a child’s physical features. Others sort to foreign names and languages. There are times when children’s names are based on their parents’ interests. 

Do you happen to love music? You may be a singer or a musician. You can also be one who is appreciative of music and loves listening to them. Be it classical or pop, jazz and rock and roll, you can get enough of it.

Some time from now, your charming baby will be born. You want her to be someone who can create positive change and inspire others in the future. It is also undeniable that you love music and everything about them. “Music can change the world.” So the musician Ludwig Van Beethoven said. It is a powerful force that conquers nature and emotions. Why not combine these two aspects and come up with appealing names related to music. From musical terms to famous musicians and so on, here are some remarkable names related to music.

Music names for boys

Chord – A group of three or more notes played at the same time. The name became famous because of “Glee” actor Chord Overstreet.

Reed – also means red, this short but striking name refers to the small piece inside an instrument to vibrate sound.

Apollo – from mythology, he is the son of Zeus and the Greek god of music, poetry, healing, and medicine.

Canon – a technique in writing composition wherein the melody is imitated by individual parts at regular intervals. It also means “an official of the church” in French. This is also the name of basketball superstar Stephen Curry’s son.

Jazz – a music genre. Started as a nickname for Jasper, the name has to gain popularity because of its musical relevance. It can also use by girls as a nickname for Jasmine.

Purcell – stylish and classic, the name comes from Henry Purcell, a famous Baroque composer in the 17th century.

Allegra – in music sheets, allegro means “a fast and lively tempo.” This name could fit your cute, little kicker who keeps on tumbling and moving inside you. In Italian, it means “joyous.” It has its feminine version, Allegra which has also rising popularity in the mainstream.

Banjo – a stringed musical instrument originally associated with traditional, folk and country music. To date, it is gaining popularity as it was also used by rock bands like The Eagles, The Allman Brothers, and Led Zeppelin

Brio – In music, con brio means to “play with vigor” or “with a lot of energy.” Brio has its Italian translation, life. It also means vitality, vivacity, and zest.

Rhythm – means “metrical movement.” It came from the Latin word rhythmus and Ancient Greek rhythmos meaning “measured flow/movement, symmetry, arrangement, order, form.

Reggae – a style of popular music with a subsidiary beat originating from Jamaica.

Beethoven – The surname of the notable German musician Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Quintus – the Latin word for the fifth musical voice in addition to alto, soprano, bass, and tenor. It also means “fifth” that’s why is it always given as a name to the fifth child or someone who was born in May, the 5th month.

Wolfgang – derived from the name of the famous Austrian composer of opera and symphony, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In German, Wofgang also means “traveling wolf.” Mozart is an appealing musical name too.

Tallis – unique and stylish, this name means woodland. With relation to music, it is derived from the family name of Thomas Tallis, an important figure in musical history famous for his choral music and composition for the royals.

Music names for girls

Lyric – pertains to the words of a song. In ancient Greek, the word refers to something that is sung with a lyre.

Lyra – of Ancient Greek origin meaning “lyre,” a musical instrument similar to a harp. Lyra is also a constellation, its name taken from the lyre of the Greek god Orpheus.  

Calliope – means “beautiful voice.” She is one of Zeus’ daughters, a goddess is known for the elated beauty of her voice.  

Aria or Arya – a song for voice and accompaniment which is usually found in operas and oratorio. The name displays being quiet and considerate. It also means the air in Italian. One of the Starks sisters from the Game of Thrones bears the name making it popular today.

Rhapsody – refers to a musical piece that has different parts, flowing together to produce a whole. A classic example is the Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, showcasing a blend of different styles and emotions.

Musette – comes from a Latin word that translates to “a song” and “a little muse.” It is also a small version of the bagpipe and is played with bellows. This name also means artistic and creative and exudes generosity and love.

Melody – It is one of the names with timeless appeals. It keeps coming back ad never goes out of style. In Greek, the name means “music” or “song.” One of the most used musical names, it means tune.

Cadence – in Latin, it equates to “beat” or “rhythm.” It fits a baby that is constantly moving in the womb. Although more popular with girls, it is also used as a boy’s name.

Carol – refers to the Christmas carol. The name is also a variation or a nickname for Caroline or Carolyn. It is also the feminine form of the name Charles.

Calypso – In Greek mythology, she is the nymph who imprisoned the Greek hero Oddyseus for seven years. She used her voice to enchant Oddyseus on her island Ogygia. Her name also means “she who hides” and “to hide” or “to deceive.”

Chanson – is the French word for “song” and is pronounced as shon-son.

Celesta – a musical instrument similar to a small piano with a bell-like sound. Variant: Celeste.

Harmony – pleasant chords produced by musical notes. In Greek, it also means “unity” or “blended.” A monicker that also exudes peace.

Viola – is an instrument similar, but is slightly larger than a violin. It is also a variation of the names Violeta and Violet.

 Musical baby names evoke life and vitality, positivity and inspiration. It can also be peaceful and relaxing. These musical baby names bring an uplifting and joyous mood to fit your cutie cuddles.

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