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Keeping Up With Classic Hits: Rock and Roll Baby Names

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Many parents give names to their babies based on their interests. As an example, those who are interested in music can opt for music-themed names. Those who are lovers of books and literature can base their babies’ names from authors and novel protagonists. 

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Are you a lover of classic rock? Do you want to reminisce about the era of classic music that lets you rock and roll through the night? That upbeat music that gives you the jumpstart you might need. Here are classic rock inspired baby names for wiggly babies who are full of energy.

Classic rock baby boys’ names

Bono – Paul David Hewson in real life is an Irish born singer, songwriter and the lead singer of the band U2. The name is of Latin origin which means “bonus.” 

Bowie – In reference to songwriter and actor David Bowie. Bowie is a name if Gaelic origin which means “blond.”

Dylan – From Bob Dylan. He received a Pulitzer Prize jury award in 2008 for his profound impact on pop music and American culture because of his composition of “extraordinary poetic power.” Tracing its Welsh roots, Dylan refers to a hero or god who was connected to the sea.

Everly – In reference to Phil and Don or the Everly Brothers.  The American Duos has many hits on their belt like “Bye, Bye Love,” “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” Wake Up, Little Suzie,” and “Crying in the Rain.” Rolling Stone has declared them “the most important vocal duo in rock. The alternate spelling of the name is Everleigh, making it fit both genders. The name means “grazing meadow.”

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Janis – In reference to Janis Joplin, who was also known as Pearl. Even after his death in 1970, he remains one of the top-selling artists in the United States. The name Janis means “God has been gracious.” This is also a feminine form of the name John. Another variation of the name is Janice, making it suitable for baby girls as well.

Jude – Derived from The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude.” In 2004, The Rolling Stones ranked the song in 8th place of the Greatest Songs of All Time. Jude is a Hebrew name which means “praised.”

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Marley – From the legendary Jamaican singer and songwriter Bob Marley. In 1994, he was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Presley – It may be a surname of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, but it is definitely an appealing name that is almost synonymous with rock and roll. His famous hits include “Blue Suede Shoes,” Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and Jailhouse Rock.” The name Presley is derived from a name of a place which means “priest’s clearing.” This name is also applicable to girls.

Tyler – In reference to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. In Old English, it means “door-keeper of an inn.” This can also be used as a girl’s name.

Wren – From Paul McCartney’s song “Jenny Wren.”

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Classic rock baby girls’ names

Charlotte – Inspired by the song of The Cure entitled “Charlotte Sometimes.”

Elise – Also from the song of The Cure entitled “A Letter for Elise.”

Fiona – In reference to Fiona Apple.

Lana – In reference to Lana del Rey who is known for her music of cinematic styles and old school pop culture. The name has a Gaelic origin which means “little rock.” Girls with the name Lana can have Lane or Lanny as their nicknames. 

Lyla – A song of the band Oasis.

Lola – Based on a song of The Kinks.

Meg – In reference to Meg White, a female drummer of the rock duo The White Stripes.  Some of their hits include “Seven Nation Army,” Dead Leaves Dirty Ground” and “Little Ghost.” Tracing its Greek origin, the name means “pearl.” It is also the short version of the Welsh name Megan or Meghan which is derived from the name Margaret.

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Molly – From the song “Good Golly Miss Molly” by Little Richard.

Penny – From The Beatles’ song “Penny Lane.”

A Recap

So if you want to choose a name that exudes energy, pop beat, music, harmony, and appeal, these classic rock baby names are good suggestions for you.  

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