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Charming Names Ending in Letter a for Baby Girls

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In deciding what to name your baby, you consider names that actually end with a specific letter and it can be very overwhelming. Nowadays, A is also the most widely used ending letter for the name of the girls. Also, with letter A, it is also a common starting letter for girls. Maybe because A has a feminine appeal and it makes a pretty feminine mark.  It’s a hard thing to decide and to match with any letters but these are one of the best options parents consider, most especially for naming their baby girl.

A lot of people like to follow the trends for their children. They choose to stay within a certain theme. Just like making it sure that their baby’s name that starts and ends with the same letter. If you are a soon-to-be parent, and looking for a cool and unique idea then this article is best for you. This article will give you guidelines and ideas about the cute and lovely names for girls that end in the letter “A”. Aside from getting name ideas for your baby girl, you can also get the meaning of each name for you to admire.

Considering names ending in letter A

There are so many things to consider in naming a baby. Whether we like it or not, we need to know why we chose that name in the first place. Parents should consider first the spelling. Always make sure that the spelling is on point and it can easily be pronounced by everybody. There are plenty of baby girl names in this world that ends in letter A, along with its meanings and history. You just got to choose the best one for your little girl.

Parents also need to consider when choosing a baby girl’s names, always make sure that it fits very well when paired to your last name. Also, try to dodge names that are the same as your last name, whether it be in spelling or rhyming. Girls’ names ending in A are timeless classics and there is a reason why most soon-to-be parents choose names that end in A. Just make sure that the name you chose for your little one would not cause her any trouble one day.

Cool names ending in A  

If you are a mom and you can’t decide which name fits your child most especially if you have this kind of idea that you’d name her a name that ends in letter A, check out these cool and best names that you might want to have her.

  • Willa

It is a feminine form for a boy name, William. This name has a beautiful meaning which is the “resolute protector.” As parents, we want our child to become a protector and a kind of independent woman.

  • Ariella

This name sounds like a very exotic warrior. It is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Ariel which means “Lion of God”.

  • Vera

It is actually an old name, but it is still very charming for a baby girl and even for a grown woman. This name ages well for a person and has a nice a simple meaning, and that is “true.”

  • Fiorella

It sounds unique and new. There is no meaning for this name yet. You can have a nickname “Ella” for this name and it is still very nice.

  • Leona

This name is the feminine version of the name Leon which means “Lion”.

  • Carolina

This name is a form of the names Carol or and Caroline. With this name, you can actually make your little girl shine in a crowd.

  • Maria

It is the Latin form of the name Mary. Mary is very famous since it is the name of the mother of Jesus Christ. The name Marry just never gets old. It has always been seen as a classic name. Some believe that it has a meaning of “sea of sorrow” or “sea of bitterness”.

  • Amadea

This name is a strong and musical feminine form of Amadeus It is an Italian name which means “God’s beloved”

  • Carlotta

It is an Italian name which means “Freeman”.

  •  Eliana

An uncommon yet very beautiful name. Its meaning is “of the sun”. This name is perfect for the bright and shining joy your baby girl brought to you.

  • Liliana

This name is perfect for parents who want a floral sounding name since Liliana which was derived from the Latin word, Lily. Lily is a kind of flower that many people like. Lily is a symbol of innocence and purity and also beauty.

  • Alexandra

Alexandra is a famous name already because of its exotic twist. The name is derived from the Greek male name Alexandros which means “to defend, to help.” A perfect name if you want your baby girl to be like an independent woman one day.

  • Gemma

Most parents think of their little girl as a gem. Gemma, a simple and sweet name could be the best name you can give to your baby girl. Gemma means “a precious stone or a jewel.”

  • Matilda

If you want a feminine name with a fierce meaning, you might want to consider the name Matilda. This name means “Mighty Battler.”

Wrapping up

As a guardian and as parents, we want all that is best for our child. Most especially for our newborn babies, we only want the best possible to start their life. That best thing always starts with giving the best name for your little angels. It is one of the first and most important choices that parents are going to make for their children.  

We know that there are a lot of name options to choose from, but surely selecting a name for your child is not as simple as it sounds. Always think of the common good when choosing a name. Of course, you need to figure out the meaning of the name as it also plays a vital role in your child’s life. However, names don’t define the personality of a person, nor the kind of person they will become when they grow up. It is always the attitude that matters most after all.

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