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30 Japanese Baby Boy Names With Their Meanings for Your Precious One

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Do you want your baby boy to have a global and beautiful name? Are you looking for a unique name for him? Japanese baby boy names are quite popular nowadays for parents when naming their baby boys either they are really from Japan or they just want a Japanese touch in their family. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby boy, there are a lot of names to choose from. 

Your baby boy is one of the most precious gifts from above and you want him to live healthy, smart, and strong. Here are some beautiful Japanese baby boy names with its meaning that you can choose for your handsome baby boy!


Haruto is one of the most popular Japanese baby boy names and often used on different Japanese anime series as well. Haruto is a name which means “spring”, “sunny”, “clear up” or “radiance” and can also mean “sunshine” and “sunlight”.


Hiroto is a name that sounds like Haruto but has a different meaning. This Japanese baby boy’s name means “fly far” or “big flight”.


Do you know Mount Fuji? Well, it’s not only the highest mountain but it can also be a name. It means “beautiful” and “unusual” and is also used to honor the majestic mountain. 


Akiro is one of the super cool Japanese baby boy names and it means “bright boy.” One of the most famous namesakes is the filmmaker Akiro Kurosawa.


Kei is a unisex Japanese baby name which means “square Jewel”, “blessing”, and “wise”. Kei is also one of the most famous Japanese baby boy names given to newborn boys or even girls.


Minato is a Japanese baby name often given to baby boys which means “harbor” or “port”.


This is also a unisex Japanese baby name that means “The Love of the Lotus”. It is also one of the most famous names in Japan given to newborn baby girls or baby boys. 


Souta is a unique Japanese baby boy name which means “a sudden sound of the wind.” If you want your baby to have a unique name which also has a unique meaning, you can use this one. 


Haruki is an unusual choice for a Japanese baby boy and often has a shortened form of Ruki. This is a name perfect for Spring babies because it means “spring child”.


If he is your first child, this name can be perfect for him because this name means “first-born” and can also be spelled as Issei. One of the famous people with this name is Issey Miyake who is a fashion designer known for his techno clothes.


This is one of the Japanese baby boy names which means the planet Mars in some cultures. However, the Japanese meaning of this name is “myself” and its feminine form is Mara.


Jiro is also one of the popular Japanese baby boy names given to newborn baby boys especially when it is the second child. Jiro literally means “second son” and is shared by many famous Japanese persons. 


This is a Japanese name for boys that means “great harmony”. Do you remember the anime series, Yamato Nadeshiko? 


Youta is a Japanese baby boy name which means “great sunlight” and can also be spelled as Yuta.


Botan is a Japanese baby boy name which is more Westernised and means “peony”: a beautiful flower associated with riches and honor. 


Kane is a more convenient option and has a lot of origins and meanings. One of its most notable meanings is “warrior” but it means “golden” in Japan. It is also notable as the main character in Citizen Kane and one of the most common surnames as well. 


You might know this as the ship’s name for Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s friendship. However, it is an unconventional choice for parents in the United Kingdom and it’s a traditional Japanese name which is adorable for many.


Yuuma is one of the unique Japanese baby boy names which means “gentle”, “truthful”, and “honest.” This name is also spelled as Yuma at times.


Yuuto is also one of the famous and conventional choices for newborn baby boys in Japan. Yuuto can also be spelled as Yuto which has a meaning of “gentleness” or “tender person”.


Do you want to have your baby boy an unforgettable name? Well, take it from the 44th President of the United States, President Obama. Even if Obama originated from the Luo people of Kenya, it is also a name of a city in Japan and a common surname which means “little beach”.


Raiden is one of the cool Japanese baby boy names that is being popular nowadays. It is also equivalent to the name Jayden and pronounced as rye-den. Raiden is the Japanese God of Thunder and is strong and unique. 


This Japanese baby boy’s name is also popular in Japan and it means sea or ocean combined with a Chinese constellation name which means “soar” or “fly”.


Do you want your baby boy to be a lawyer someday? Well, this can be a perfect name for him. Seiji means “lawful” and “just” and is popular in Japan for its association with its conductor Seiji Ozawa.


This name is a well-appreciated name in Japan and is one of the most popular choices for Japanese parents. Takeo is a powerful name which means “strong as bamboo”.


Yukio is an adorable name that is perfect for baby boys born at Christmas. Yukio is a name that means “snow boy” and is associated with independence in Japanese culture that also has the shortened form of “Yuki”. 


Kai is a three-letter name which means “willow tree” in Navajo and food in Maori. It is also the name of Donald Trump Jr’s daughter, Kai Madison. 


Akio is a Japanese baby boy name which means “bright man”, “manly”, and “hero” and is one of the most popular choices among Japanese parents as well.


Akito is perfect for baby boys born in the Autumn season. Akito means “bright person.”


Daisuke is one of the common Japanese baby boy names which means “the large one”.


Gin is a Japanese name often used in some anime series which means “silver”.

Given these Japanese baby boy names, we hope that you can find the perfect name for your little prince and he may grow up as great as his name. Always remember that these names are the representation of your child. You can choose whatever name you want because how they grow up with your parenting style is still what matters the most. 

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